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Dangerous driving on El Camino

Original post made by Susie, Menlo Park, on Apr 19, 2018

There can be a lot of traffic on southbound El Camino through Menlo Park during morning rush hour. Some horrible people use the turn lane between Menlo College entrance and Valparaiso as their personal raceway to avoid traffic. They'll drive down this turn lane as there is usually not as many cars there, and then right before the light at Valparaiso where they need to turn right, they will swerve left, cutting someone off to get in the lane that goes straight south on El Camino. This happens every day and lots of jerks do this. But they do it "safely" as they wait for a little space, signal and go. However, there are some, like today: a woman in a Tesla S with license plate 7PXX963 that dangerous forced her way left even though there was no room causing a car to screech to a stop to avoid being hit. By the look on her face, she didn't seem to care that she was driving dangerously and it was clearly evident she does this everday.