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Baby and mother hit on El Camino tonight @Ventura/El Camino

Original post made by Mayfield Child, Green Acres, on Jul 18, 2007

I read in todays Palo Alto Weekly News that there was a DELAY for the stop lights being put into place at the corner of VENTURA and EL CAMINO REAL in South Palo Alto...............
I took my grandchildren tonight over to Baskin Robbins Ice Cream store after dinner and on the way back while on Oregon Expressway, we were passed up by a Palo Alto Police car with his lights and siren on....
We turned onto El Camino and proceeded south. Coming up on the very corner of EL CAMINO AND VENTURA, there, under a blanket near the crosswalk was a body of a (?) I think it was a woman. She was being attended to by emergency personnel from the Fire Department. My eyes gazed a little further on and I saw an EMPTY heart samk. I then noticed a person holding an infant. He took the infant over to the emergency vehicle and the paramedics placed the infant onto a stretcher. The Police were directing traffic down Ventura as a detour as they closed off any through traffic while they also were attending to the injured body being placed into a ambulance.
Well done job by the Palo Alto Fire Dept and the Police. They really have been having their share of emergencies these last few weeks.
BUT>>>>>>>> that is more than what I can say about how Caltrans is snubbing the South side of our town....BEEN OVER SEVEN YEARS....HOW MANY MORE ACCIDENTS CAN WE ENDURE HERE?????????????????