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Is Obstructionism an American value?

Original post made by Kentucky Mitch, another community, on Aug 2, 2013

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell has told America he will do anything to obstruct progress, no matter what the issue (jobs, healthcare, growing the economy) just to fight the President of the United States.

Mitch said this, while America was in the deepest throes of the Bush Great Recession, losing 800,000 jobs in the month before Obama was inaugurated: �The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president�

More important than American jobs, Mitch?

Well, after five years of No, McConnell's term is up, and guess what?

The deepest of red states, Kentucky, is where the President suffered his biggest margin of defeat (60%-38%). McConnell, as the incumbent senior senator from Kentucky, the state that thinks Rand Paul is qualified to be a senator, should be an easy ride to reelection. Mitch has already railroaded Ashley Judd out of the race with negative advertising before she even announced a candidacy.

So how badly is Mitch beating a second tier Democrat in the reddest state in our great Union? The two most recent polls, from this week:
- PPP (some claim left bias): Grimes leading McConnell, 45-44 Web Link
- Mellman (Grimes internal): Grimes leading McConnell, 44-42 Web Link

No word from McConnell internal polling this week. They're obstructing it for some reason. Obstruction by habit, Mitch? Or is it that bad?

Americans want action on the economy and jobs. They do not want today's vote on obamacare - the 40th useless House vote (yes, FORTY TIMES - see Einsteins definition of insanity) to repeal the law that prevents insurance companies from implementing the dreaded "pre-exisiting conditions" rule on Americans in need of medical care.

Get to work Mitch, pass some laws that HELP AMERICANS. Stop fighting our President, he already won. Keep up the obstructionism, and you may not be able to say the same about yourself.

Obstructionism is not an American value.

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Posted by Elbridge Gerry
a resident of Gunn High School
on Aug 2, 2013 at 11:28 am

No way. What you call obstruction is as American as the Constitution.

And senate races are what they are, not like the gerrymandered house districts we have in some states, though one could argue that each state getting two senators regardless of size, was the original gerrymander.

Wyoming = half a million = two senators
Calif = 38 million = two senators

Elbridge Gerry must have thought highly of the way it worked out. Certainly the Southern slave states were ecstatic.

McConnell wins. Both parties dump a ton of cash into it, as the republicans don't want to have their leader Daschle'd. They gloated mightily on that one.

Nothing to see here.

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Posted by bru
a resident of Crescent Park
on Aug 2, 2013 at 2:28 pm

bru is a registered user.

This is the reason Republicans can wield as much power as they do, it is a corruption of democracy from the word go to allow tiny insignificant states with small populations and easily corruptible local and state governments to make the marginal difference in the whole of the United States.
Sounds like we need half a million Californians to hold their noses and move to Wyoming.
I'd be so happy to see Mitch McConnell have to get an honest job. Wonder if he's tough enough mine coal?

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Posted by maguro_01
a resident of Mountain View
on Aug 2, 2013 at 2:37 pm

maguro_01 is a registered user.

Senator Mitch McConnell's state is part of the Confederate culture area and is on welfare using Texas and Blue State funding through Washington. The whole Confederate culture area is on welfare except for Texas with the most expensive states per capita being in the Deep South.

I remember when the Neocons claimed as justification for the last Iraq War that they would reform the place and parachute Democracy into the Middle Eastern Sandtrap. Yet the US has not been able to develop Mississippi in the 148 years since the Civil War. It has less than 3 million population. In fact, the Confederate culture area from the border states to the core actually lowers US life expectancy enough to give the US the lowest of all the Western developed countries. Yet we spend twice per capita overall than anywhere on earth for medical care. Mississippi has a county where the male life expectancy is between 66 and 67, lower than many developing countries. Since the Civil Rights acts of the 1960's that restored citizenship to Black Americans the core South, especially, has been totally Republican.

McConnell's party in general is no longer Conservative either. It's primary incompatible factions are the Confederates and the Tea Party groups. The latter originated from some Astroturf groups funded by the medical insurance industry, if memory serves. Of course it has outgrown that, but it's no wonder its present funders want anonymity. It's known who funded the Swift Boats campaign, but it's not known yet who funds the Birthers. Both, of course, are Astroturf as are an undetermined number of Tea Party groups. I don't doubt the sincerity of many individuals we hear from.

The Confederates are very regional and seem to want to return the US to the Articles of Confederation. Their movement to throttle Washington with Starve The Beast attacks when they themselves are kept in Hush Puppies through Washington programs is a puzzle to some extent. That would explain why they want to remain part of the United States. However, if they no longer had the funding available they would most likely drive out and North their lowest income, oldest, and sickest residents to balance the budget. They did something similar in the late 1950's and into the 1960's with unemployed agricultural workers, mostly Black, which they regard as an historic success.

It might seem reasonable for the US to pay less attention to the world and develop and assimilate the Confederate culture area within hanging around since the Civil War. However, cultures are very resistant and no one has any idea how to do that. It's basically another country and always was. One possibility that China has shown may work would be to overrun it with immigrants from, say, Mexico, Asia, and the rest of the US.

The primary Constitutional reform that the US requires is to end, or nearly end, the institutionalized corruption of the Washington Pay-To-Play political system. There is no Jefferson's Wall between politics and money in the first place because of the need to bring the slave states and their system into the Revolution and new country to succeed. But after the inevitable Civil War the corrupt system had become so entrenched that it was never reformed. The US cannot be successful in this century without that reform. The present system also gives the lie to most of whatever the US says in the world about democracy and free markets.

The present Washington gridlock and wars implemented by McConnell and Boehner also suggest that another Amendment might be to replace the Congress/Presidency with a modern Parliamentary system after examining those of the rest of the world. But reforming the corruption needs to be first priority. Both our politics and our economy would have a Renaissance.

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Posted by bru
a resident of Crescent Park
on Aug 3, 2013 at 11:02 pm

bru is a registered user.

> But reforming the corruption needs to be first priority.

The very problem has been carefully and deliberately built - strongly and purposefully on the cornerstone, the weakest part of the cornerstone, but the very cornerstone nevertheless of the Constitution, and the indefensible is defended by hiding behind this almost perfectly genius document. What evil genius that took.

I don't see reform, or even an objective discussion about this coming any time soon ... does anyone else? Even though most would like to see the electoral college eliminated there is not even any way that is going to happen. We have reached the limits of our flexibility as a nation, and this nation was supposed to be conceived in hopes of being able to evolve past limitations in our Constitution.

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