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Real Estate - April 11, 2014

Building permits

Palo Alto

4135 Maybell Way change electrical tie in to main panel, $n/a

240 Parkside Drive remodel, including filling in a door, converting sliding-glass door into entry door, enlarging kitchen window, $50,000

2005 Tasso St. re-roof, $28,000

620 Ashton Ave. install rooftop PV system, $n/a

4078 Laguna Way remodel guest bathroom, $10,000

728 Layne Court install Level 2 EVSE in garage, $n/a

535 Cowper St. relocate electrical connection at two locations in open office, $n/a

440 Cesano Court, Unite 210 remodel bathroom, $12,000

160 Nevada Ave. install solar water-heating panels, $n/a

1501 Page Mill Road, Bldg. 3 install demising wall and door assembly, $5,000

432 Webster St. domestic hot water heating to nine units, $n/a

555 University Ave. Beats Electronics: interior nonstructural demo for two floors, $n/a

2004 Edgewood Drive install split system ductless wall mount FAU, new condensor in side yard, $n/a

628 Guinda St. remodel kitchen, open wall between kitchen and living room, $28,380

376 Diablo Court re-roof, $12,853

3477 South Court add supporting beam for new kitchen wall and piers/footings, $n/a

1501 Page Mill Road, Bldg. 3 install SEM equipment with battery backup, $30,000

301 Bryant St. install rooftop PV system, $n/a

711 Cowper St. trenchless pipeburst sewer line from cleanout at corner to city cleanout, $n/a

558 Greer Road revise room layout at master suite, revise window plans, $n/a

173 Creekside Drive remodel historic residence, including kitchen, bathrooms and living space, $50,000

947 Addison Ave. add ceiling joists to Sheetrock interior of garage, add 5 GFCI outlets, $4,800