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Real Estate - January 10, 2014

Building Permits

Palo Alto

4231 Manuela Ave. re-roof, $8,900

267 Curtner Ave. replace three beams at roof, $3,400

4133 Park Blvd. replace pipeburst sewer all on property side, $n/a

180 Hamilton Ave. install chandelier at lobby area, $n/a

147 Hawthorne Ave. demo garage, $n/a

4111 Park Blvd. remodel bathroom, $4,800

432 Webster St. replace gas manifold to accommodate two meters and install gas service, $n/a

3419 Rambow Drive reroute gas line over roof, $n/a

549 W. Crescent Drive re-roof, $34,516; re-roof garage, $4,250

989 Commercial St. re-roof, $9,800

2514 Ramona St. emergency gas leak repair, $n/a

700 Hansen Way upgrade accessible restrooms, $n/a

3618 Louis Road re-roof, $7,500

545 N. California Ave. replace siding with stucco, re-roof, create storage loft in garage, install skylight, extend electrical to garage, $15,000

675 Greer Road install flush-mounted rooftop PV system, $n/a

201 Creekside Drive extend gasline to fireplace for future fireplace insert, $n/a

728 Gailen Ave. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

2125 Louis Road replace furnace, $n/a

204 Wilton Ave. install new mini split system heat pump, $n/a

465 El Capitan Place upgrade electric service, $n/a

4181 Donald Drive re-roof, $13,500

311 Hawthorne Ave. revise structural details for concrete footings, $n/a

728 Middlefield Road replace main electric panel, relocate gas meters, $n/a

2303 Louis Road replace sewer line, $n/a

222 Sequoia Ave. replace furnace, $n/a

3373 Cork Oak Way relocate kitchen, remodel master bathroom, $25,000

730 Middlefield Road replace main electric panel, relocate gas meters, $n/a

1425 Harker Ave. relocate panel toward rear of property, $n/a

828 Ames Ave. install house sewer clean out, $n/a

2758 Randers Court replace three windows, $n/a

1900 Barbara Drive install 12 rooftop, flush-mounted solar PV panels, $n/a

1090 Tanland Drive, Apt. 202 remodel kitchen and bathroom, $11,522

2150 High St. replace attic insulation, $1,740

3333 Coyote Hill Road interior nonstructural demo, third floor, $n/a

737 Center Drive remodel kitchen, $31,000

2724 Ross Road install electric vehicle charging station in garage, $n/a

3120 Waverley St. install electric vehicle charging station in garage, $n/a

305 Tioga Court re-roof, $14,787

3051 Alma St. re-roof, $10,900

3500 Deer Creek Road tenant improvement, install lighting, outlets and change door swing, $n/a

411 Lytton Ave. re-roof garage, $8,000

3039 Alma St. re-roof, $10,900

2385 Santa Ana St. install electric vehicle charging station on exterior of garage, $n/a

3321 Alma St. red tag, gas line repair, $n/a