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Real Estate - June 21, 2013

Building Permits

Menlo Park

766 Nash Ave. S. Smith, add 59.50 sq. ft. to detached garage, $10,000

162 Laurel Ave. C. Tolentino, remodel bath, $55,000

2 Pepperwood Court R. Johnson, add roof-mounted solar photovoltaic, $22,890

325 Ambar Way K. Flaum, replace window, $40,000

455 Yale Road J. McGeever, demolish home, $14,000

1261 Laurel St. M. Alida, replace water line, $10,000

570 Laurel St. M. Teruel, remove fireplace and install kitchen counter, $22,000

11 Brent Court Working Dirt LLC, remodel kitchen, baths, dining and office, $75,000

1030 Oakland Ave. R. Mueller, remodel bath, $10,000

839 Roble Ave. 2, 4 Phoeng Foundation, remodel kitchen and bathroom, $92,000 each

575 Oak Knoll Lane K. Cotton, add outdoor kitchen, relocate electrical line, $8,000

903 Arnold Way A. Huang, remodel bath, $5,000

1140 Middle Ave. Middle Way LLC, new 3,583-sq.-ft., two-story residence, $564,000

2882 Sand Hill Road CLPF-Sand Hill Commons LP, replace two antennas, install two new antennas, $15,000

1401 Santa Cruz Ave. J. Conovo, replace sewer lateral, $3,500

1195 Hamilton Court AMB Property LP, add bracing to an existing wall, strengthen fence around storage, $25,000

300 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics Corp, install new 3-in. RP backflow valve on new water service, $n/a

308 Sherwood Way J. Paulson, new detached in-law unit, $95,000

918 Creek Drive D. Wilkinson, new two-story single-family residence, $656,540

900 Hamilton Ave AMB Property LP, add three new rooms and add HVAC unit on roof, $81,000

1365 Delfino Way A. Griggs, install new AC unit in backyard, $3,250

209 El Camino Real Mad Manor LLC, repair electrical receptacles, $1,000

1890 Oak Knoll Lane D. Ram & K. Lessee, add roof-mounted solar system, $15,000

1245 San Mateo Drive P. Seawell, remodel four bathrooms, $150,000

54 Callie Lane S. Rehm, re-roof, $13,900

1260 Bay Laurel D. Mullarkey, new pool and spa, $50,000

730 Sharon Park Drive M. Saaber, new retaining wall, $4,000

1125 Deanna Drive N. Gautam, new roof-mounted solar system, $21,000

Palo Alto

101 Alma St. Unit 1206 C. VanVleet, kitchen partial remodel, $5,800

3000 W. El Camino Real #800 Equity Office, copy room, storage room, lights, $95,000

1479 Hamilton Ave. B. Gassee, new two-story house with basement, $844,828; detached garage, $20,753

2465 Farber Place Palo Alto Technology Center, tenant improvement of office space, $1,800,810

1030 University Ave. D. Mackenzie, remodel living room and dining room, $3,500

550-564 Forest Ave. T. Markland, remove concrete topping slab on carport, $23,000

4037 Sutherland Drive S. Chan, addition of front living room, foyer, porch, bedroom, $147,309

338 Loma Verde Ave. Khanna, residential addition, $134,000

895 Melville Ave. E. Dorsey, study addition, remodel kitchen, upgrade drainage, $55,000

1701 Page Mill Road Board of Trustees at Stanford University, office building, basement garage, $26,372,052

146 Edgewood Drive 1456 Edgewood LLC, new carport support, $5,000

3077 Country Club Court Lee Shenk Revocable Trust, residential remodel and addition of new tankless water heater, $950,000

118 Churchill Ave. J. Matlof, residential remodel and addition, $165,948

604 Oregon Ave. A. Ragade, residence remodel, bathrooms, kitchen, den, $230,000

180 El Camino Real Space 244B Double P Corporation, interior build out of existing space at Stanford Shopping Center and new storefront, $90,000

941 Maddux Drive H. Jackson, existing studio expansion, $8,651

278 University Ave. KEEN Inc., garage, $150,000

260 College Ave. Apt. A, B, F SPN Real Estate, remodel bathroom, new laundry room, plumbing, $18,000 each; paint garage doors and carports, electrical, $11,000

101 Alma St. Unit 105 A. Sugimoto, remodel two bathrooms, $10,900

655 Kingsley Ave. repairs to kitchen, dining room and living room, $20,000

875 Blake Wilbur Drive Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, equipment replacement, exhaust ducts, painting

3477 Alma Village Circle Trestle Partners, building permit for Lot 21 at Alma Plaza, $382,805

3483 Alma Village Circle Trestle Partners, building permit for Lot 22 at Alma Plaza, $412,413

3489 Alma Village Circle Trestle Partners, building permit for Lot 23 at Alma Plaza, $392,170

3503 Alma Village Circle Trestle Partners, building permit for Lot 28 at Alma Plaza, $392,170

3507 Alma Village Circle Trestle Partners, building permit for Lot 29 at Alma Plaza, $312,290

1620 Webster St. Y. Shazeer, new single-family residence with attached garage and basement, $1,608,000

2924 Waverley St. G. Tu, new construction two-story home with detached garage, $487,766

769 Rosewood Drive L. Christel, single-family residence with attached garage, $697,600

70 Kirby Place D. Carmeli, new single-family home, $735,348


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