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Real Estate - May 16, 2014

Building permits

Palo Alto

661 Seale Ave. changes, including shifting entire house forward, changing fireplace and removing chimney, lowering roof height of first story, $n/a

835 Chimalus Drive install tankless water heater, $n/a

1090 Tanland, Apt. 204 remodel kitchen and bathroom, $11,500

234 Oxford Ave. replace four windows, $9,837

430 Kipling St. Historic Category 3 building: interior nonstructural demo of two-story commercial space, $n/a

742 Melville Ave. remodel kitchen and bathroom, $12,500

333 Stanford Ave. replace nine windows, $18,394

992 Elsinore Drive install EVSE at garage, $n/a

3592 Evergreen Drive re-roof, $13,200

3785 Nathan Way install new A/C unit at side yard, $n/a

4275 McKellar Lane re-roof, $34,000

941 Webster St. re-roof large cottage, $19,380

1524 Dana Ave. add gas line to backyard fire pit, $n/a

55 Waverley Oaks add new A/C at back of house, $n/a

3500 Deer Creek Road install TEC-90s, step-down transformers, absorber motors, DAQ cabinet, chiller and disconnect in 2CL Dyno Lab, $34,000

173 Creekside Drive re-roof, $12,000

1357 Cowper St. change out freestanding tub for conventional tub, change out toilet and sinks, new lighting, vent fan, outlets, $n/a

271 Colorado Ave. re-roof, $6,806

948 Emerson St. remodel bathroom, $5,821

1734 Webster St. roof-mounted solar panels, $n/a

3760 La Selva Drive repair sewer pipes in driveway, replace bad pipe, $n/a

3784 Redwood Circle remodel two bathrooms, $9,702

957 Amarillo Ave. relocate laundry to multipurpose room, expand bedroom 2 and create master-bedroom suite, $n/a

3194 Ramona St. replace windows throughout residence, $n/a

261 Rinconada Ave. re-roof, $4,700

1501 Page Mill Road Bldg. 5: modify office area into new storage room, $150,000

855 El Camino Real, Suite 160 new storefront, HVAC, relocate subpanel, $59,000

2090 Columbia St. replace board-and-batten siding damaged due to fire, $1,500

905 Forest Ave. remove tiles, install new modified felt layer, re-install existing tiles, $9,000

3000 El Camino Real Bain and Company, Bldg. 2, 10th floor, tenant improvement, $525,000

600 Hansen Way Bank of America: nonstructural demo, $n/a; tenant improvement on second floor, $160,000

657 Greer Road re-roof, $14,137

101 Lytton Ave. install Level 2 EVSE in garage and Level 3 and Level 2 at sidewalk, $n/a

31 Jordan Place remove chimney, restore affected floor, walls and ceiling, $4,950

1575 Hamilton Ave. remodel including gas line for barbecue and fireplace, replace electrical panel, patio cover, resurface pool, new pool heater and filter, $28,650

1101 Embarcadero Road re-roof, $39,000

590 Ashton Ave. re-roof, $16,445

3345 El Camino Real re-roof, $10,000

1450 Bryant St. remodel full bath, relocate laundry room, half bath in lieu of full bath, relocate electric subpanel, $24,000

973 Ilima Way remodel, including removing interior walls, creating pocket door, remodel master bathroom, replace tub in second bathroom, $75,000

1467 College Ave. replace 19 windows and two doors, $15,000

1051 Middlefield Road re-roof, $10,000

4237 Suzanne Drive enclose linen and clothes closets with pocket door in master bathroom, $20,000

101 Alma St., Unit 203 remodel kitchen, bathroom, new ventless washer/dryer in closet, $20,000

960 N. California Ave. new detached trellis, $6,000

965 Laurel Glen Drive re-roof, $10,020

725 Webster St. add deck in rear, $n/a

929 Paradise Way install 50-amp outlet for EVSE in garage, $n/a

2534 Ramona St. re-roof, $26,000


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