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Real Estate - October 18, 2013

Building Permits

Palo Alto

2236 Saint Francis Drive remodel kitchen/bath, master bedroom, $118,366; new detached carport, $6,711

3795 Redwood Circle repair shower in master bath, $2,175

555 Washington Ave. install electric vehicle SE, $n/a

2050 Channing Ave. replace wood trellis with three shade structures and pole supports, $n/a

1178 Hamilton Ave. change outdoor fireplace to firepit, remove deck and trellis, replace concrete patio, $n/a

267 University Ave. Infinite Beauty: tenant improvement, personal services and retail firm, $50,000; new illuminated halo sign, $n/a

1804 Embarcadero Road Stanford Medical Center: tenant improvement, $990,909

3125 Ross Road, Apt. B new dwelling unit with covered porch at rear of property, $126,000

1449 University Ave. re-roof, $13,000

560 Center Drive remodel two bathrooms, $33,000

331 Creekside Drive re-roof, $21,000

1890 Guinda St. install roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

250 Hamilton Ave. City of Palo Alto: remodel officees on 6th and 7th floors, $300,000

1501 Page Mill road remove lobby, $n/a

655 Seale Ave. demo cottage, $n/a

1410 Arcadia Place install EVSE, $n/a

927 Colorado Ave. new two-story house with attached garage and covered porch, $419,000

667 Marion Ave. install roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

3000 Hanover St. remodel electric equipment room, $100,000

838 Loma Verde Ave. rebuild house, addition, $323,174

3160 Emerson St. new two-story house with attached garage, $500,000

2371 Greer Road new accessory structure with half bath, $19,400

3427 South Court addition, remodel, $45,000

2248 Park Blvd. re-roof, $18,123

830 Melville Ave. replace three shearwalls, $n/a

356 Coleridge Ave. new attached storage space at rear of cottage, $4,000

1205 Forest Ave. remodel kitchen, powder room, two bathrooms, loft, $72,565

4224 Suzanne Drive demo house, $n/a; new one-story house with attached garage, $400,000

3725 El Centro St. new two-story house with attached garage, $368,535; demo house and garage, $n/a

3921 Fabian way JCC: install roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

2445 Faber Place Stanford Hospitals & Clinics: convert office space to a cafe, $450,000

3721 Starr King Cirle install electric-vehicle charger receptacle, $n/a

563 Suzanne Court re-roof, install power ventilators, $49,000

4093 Ben Lomond Drive install acrylic portable spa, $n/a

970 Matadero Ave. new two-story house, ???; pool house with tankless water heater, $n/a

1525 Walnut Drive remodel hall and master bathroom, $24,000

354 College Ave. re-roof, $9,250

1451 Greenwood Ave. remodel bath, $9,700

350 College Ave. re-roof, $8,115

1251 Clark Way install electric charging station on pedestal, $n/a

499 University Ave. Sprint store: remodel, $155,000

625 El Camino Real install two wall-mounted electric charging stations, $n/a

873 Marshall Drive two-story addition, new attached garage, $500,000

3436 Rambow Drive create master bedroom, remodel studio into master closet and bath, $138,862

914 Matadero Ave. new rooftop flush-mounted PV system, $n/a

537 Addison Ave. demo house, $n/a; new one-story house with attached garage, $182,000

889 La Para Ave. demo house, $n/a

1174 College Ave. interior remodel, re-roof, new exterior stucco, $65,000

1154 College Ave. interior remodel, new exterior stucco, new roof tiles, $45,000; new detached carport, $15,000

784 Alester Ave. electric vehicle charger in carport, $n/a

3110 Greer Road re-roof garage, $3,290

275 N. California Ave. re-roof, $4,000; install two skylights, $3,000

1430 Middlefield Road re-roof, $10,498

3412 Ross Road YMCA: replace rooftop A/C units and ductwork to exercise room, $n/a

474 Ferne Ave. replace windows in two bedrooms, $1,640

4136 Briarwood Way remodel kitchen, relocate two skylights, $24,999

178 Ely Place re-roof, $8,600

415 California Ave. interior demo, $n/a

1284 Forest Ave. replace patio doors and retile roof deck, $2,500

3125 Alma St. re-roof, $12,000

2303 Amherst St. remodel kitchen, $21,200

2340 Tasso St. re-roof, $24,500

550 Lytton Ave. Quartzy, Inc.: tenant improvement, $5,200

1018 Cowper St. re-roof, $18,880

417 College Ave. remodel three bathrooms, $15,600

281 Creekside Drive remodel bathrooms, $18,000

3185 Kipling St. new outdoor cooking area with trellis, $n/a; EV station in garage, $n/a

951 Shauna Lane remodel master bathroom and hall bathroom, $18,000

1966 Edgewood Drive install new sewer line for washing machine, $n/a

1501 Page Mill Road renovate server lab, $15,000

4344 Silva Ave. add recessed lights in living room and bedroom, add dimmer, $n/a

1837 Bryant St. re-roof, $5,100

461 Alger Drive re-roof, $8,317

721 Ensign Way remodel master bedroom and bath, $21,780

1972 Ivy Lane re-roof, $20,000

580 Suzanne Court re-roof, $24,000

1459 Hamilton Ave. run gasline to firepit, $n/a

628 Wellsbury Way remodel, addition (~800 sf), $140,000

3178 Manchester Court remodel kitchen, $17,000

4150 Mackay Drive re-roof, $11,625

2141 Princeton St. re-roof, $6,048

4176 Hubbartt Drive replace windows, sliding doors, $11,000

568 Bryson Ave. remodel kitchen, $23,000

795 Seale Ave. remodel kitchen, dining room, study/bedroom, $65,000

309 El Verano Ave. re-roof, $12,307

329 Ramona St. replace windows, $18,000

4094 Nelson Drive replace windows, $768

436 High St. replace pavers due to leak, $3,000

3945 Louis Road replace tub with hydromassage walk-in tub, $n/a

1890 Guinda St. resize door openings and windows, $n/a

564 University Ave. remove all interior nonbearing walls, $n/a

3850 Magnolia Drive replace four windows, $2,642

532 Georgia Ave. replace window in living room, $794

742 Alester Ave. electrical vehicle charging station in garage, $n/a

647 Fairmede Ave. remodel kitchen and bath, $30,477

250 Cambridge Ave. Alticecale: tenant improvements including new telephone rooms, new break room and remodel office area, $35,000

350 Campesino Ave. emergency repair to holes in roof due to tree fall, $2,000

180 El Camino Real, Suite 830 Bare Minerals: three LED illuminated signs, $n/a


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