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Real Estate - July 19, 2013

Building Permits

Palo Alto

1868 Bret Harte St. remodel bathroom (50 sf), $6,500

666 Georgia Ave. replace damaged panel, $n/a

3454 Rambow Drive new study room, walk-in closet and bathroom, $35,000

678 Toyon Place replace radiant heating boiler, $n/a

641 E. Meadow Drive add window at kitchen area, $n/a

454 Ferne Ave. install two skylights, $1,000; remodel two bathrooms, $15,000; re-roof, $8,300

3481 Janice Way electric service upgrade to 200 amps, $n/a

845 Ramona St. upgrade gas meter, $n/a

2452 W. Bayshore Road, Unit 4 install patio door, $2,352

16 Crescent Drive install 14 retrofit windows, $26,786

365 Forest Ave. Unit 3B, Unit 3Em remodel (600 sf) kitchen and two bathrooms, $20,000; remodel three decks on fourth and fifth floor, $30,000

4183 King Arthur's Court re-roof, $9,659

619 Ashton Ave. re-roof, $8,500

795 Seale Ave. one-story addition (333 sf) for family/living room with new gas fireplace, $69,000

933 Moreno Ave. add new family room (442 sf) in the backyard; remodel kitchen (100 sf), $83,600

360 Everett Ave. Unit 2B remodel kitchen and bath, $15,000; Unit 4A, remodel bathroom, $15,000, remodel kitchen $18,000

354 Poe St. deepen the basement by 6 inches and revise locations of interior basement walls, $n/a

1844 Guinda St. re-roof detached garage, $3,248; re-roof main house, $18,192; remodel kitchen and bathroom, $17,600

885 Moana Court re-roof, $21,520

250 University Ave. Rocket Fizz: tenant improvement of ground floor for new retail store, $8,000

250 University Ave. Citibank: tenant improvement to existing bank branch, $111,182; non-structural demo permit for the first floor and mezzanine, $n/a

336 Byron St. residential remodel includes reduction of first-floor square footage by 27 sf, additional bathroom on 2nd floor, $82,000; addition of deck off back door, $n/a

636 Emerson St. Tacolicious, suites 632 and 636: interior demo in preparation for tenant improvement, $n/a

579 Jefferson Drive install gas plumbing for future outdoor gas equipment, $n/a

1920 Byron St. demo swimming pool, $n/a

734 Christine Drive new 12-inch high deck attached to the house (850 sf), $20,000

3481 Murdoch Drive replace furnace, $n/a

2140 Wellesley St. replace three windows, $2,831

2365 South Court install a 17kw natural gas generator and auto transfer switch, $6,000

387 Ely Place replace abandoned gas line from meter to pool equipment, $n/a

3409 Hillview Ave. VMWare, close out first-floor exit, add exit signs, $1,000; solar panels, $n/a

242 Middlefield Road re-roof detached garage, $2,000; re-roof main house, $7,000

248 Hamilton Ave. exterior facade changes: stucco color coat, entry doors, $15,000; electrical for illuminated sign only, $n/a

740 Addison Ave. add shotcrete to basement lightwell wall for cosmetics, $n/a

2401 El Camino Real Citibank: tenant improvement to existing bank branch, $69,918

1184 Palo Alto Ave. remodel kitchen and dining area, $45,000; new skylight and bathroom remodel, $n/a

721 Ensign Way remodel kitchen, laundry, wineroom, skylight, $67,000

193 Waverley St. replace windows, $10,946

3648 evergreen Drive re-roof, $11,000

2351 Oberlin St. re-roof, $10,000

983 Lawrence Lane demo one-story home to build a new two-story home, $n/a

3433 Ashton Court re-roof, $13,000

1155 Lincoln Ave. single-story addition (42 sf) and remodel (614 sf), $60,900

845 Moreno Ave. single-story addition ~816sf and remodel, electric service upgrade to 200 amps, $223,000

1024 Moffett Circle replace boiler, $n/a

3400 Hillview Ave. Bldg. 4 first-floor remodel (17,692 sf) includes new offices and conference rooms, restroom accessibility upgrades and new light fixtures, $750,000;

3400 Hillview Ave. Bldg. 1 Barnes & Noble, relocate accessible parking stalls due to new car chargers, $n/a; site improvement, water feature, $1,346,000

3400 Hillview Ave. Bldg. 5 Barnes & Noble, new office reconfiguration for shipping and receiving area, $180,000

4030 Wilkie Way re-roof, $3,500

3000 Hanover St. Hewlett Packard, modify conference rooms, $110,000; relocate electrical vehicle supply equipment, $n/a

177 Lundy Lane remodel two bathrooms (140 sf), $16,000

1544 Walnut Drive re-roof, $23,000

180 El Camino Real Suite 192, Sunglass Hut, expand tenant space (1759 sf), new illuminated sign, $97,500; Suite 369A, exterior stone wall panel, lighting revisions, structural revisions, $n/a; Suite 78, relocate sink in prep area, relocate electrical receptacles, $n/a; Suite 383, change out display window to match adjacent windows, $n/a; Suite 2, roof trusses, $n/a; Suite 120 anchor rooftop unit, $n/a; Suite 244B relocate sink, new curb wall, revise dish-handling equipment, $n/a; Suite 136, California Pizza Kitchen: add 10 exterior LED light fixtures on a strip and three new switches, $n/a; Suite 71, lighting changes, $n/a; Suite 71, Marimekko, anchor furniture, cabinets, $n/a

2000 Bryant St. new covered patio (167 sf) and new bike storage shed (48 sf), $10,000

660 Palo Alto Ave. install a gas line for future gas equipment (bbq and firepit) and outdoor kitchen, $3,500

555 Hamilton Ave. replace four heat pumps on the roof, $98,000; change out rooftop HVAC unit, $n/a; tenant improvement for "addmired" includes new hand rails to code, $13,500

3349 Louis Road re-roof, $10,000

134 Coleridge Ave. re-roof, $16,545

278 University Ave. Keen Garage, add chandelier, car hoods and overhead storage racks, $n/a; new catch basin to address ponding issue, $n/a; awning framing, $n/a; bracing for architectural feature and millwork on first floor, $n/a

122 Santa Rita Ave. residential addition and remodel, including master bath and family room, $150,000; bathroom remodel, $6,500; demo detached garage, $n/a; new single-car detached garage, $12,000

900 Arastradero Road VMWare, demo commercial building, $n/a; demo central plant building, $n/a; misc. revisions, $n/a; relocate rooftop cell equipment, $n/a

3375 Hillview Ave. Stanford Medical Center, add one fume hood to lab space, $58,952

319 Middlefield Road demo detached garage, $n/a; new one-car detached garage, includes storage and 1/2 bath, $54,510

3120 Hansen Way Varian Medical Systems, commercial remodel ~2500sf, $165,000; install a 5 kva medium voltage switch between transformer and switch gear, $90,000; tenant improvement on first floor, $655,000

101 Alma St. Unit 101, remodel kitchen, frame new closet, new washer/dryer, add lights, $35,000; Unit 1001, replace outlets, switch, faucet, sink, dishwasher, garbage disposal, $n/a; Unit 1204, remodel kitchen and bath, $27,894; Unit 202, remodel kitchen, new combo ventless washer/dryer in bathroom, add lights, $10,551; Unit 601, remodel kitchen and bathroom, $24,500; Unit 506, remodel includes install electric faux fireplace and add office space, $6,000, create closet and shelving space in office, $n/a

830 La Para Ave. add gas lines to two fireplaces, $n/a

3370 Park Blvd. one-story addition (923sf) for new master suite, two bedroom and one bath and remodel (947sf), new front porch, $225,813; demo detached garage, $n/a; new detached one-car garage, $11,493

2321 Tasso St. remodel kitchen, $15,000

707 De Soto Drive install electric vehicle supply equipment (evse) inside the garage, $n/a

3966 Middlefield Road Blades Barber Shop, install a heat pump mini split system, $n/a

4075 El Camino Way Palo Alto Commons, install HVAC with 10 rooftop units and fan coils, $673,000

120 Lowell Ave. change shear wall locations, $n/a; upgrade main power panel to 200 amps, $n/a

1441 Hamilton Ave. remodel kitchen and bathroom, with new windows at 2nd floor, new entry, $78,000; add 183 sf attached trellis at rear yard, $n/a

352 Churchill Ave. re-roof, $13,200; garage re-roof, $4,000

985 Elsinore Drive demo fireplace and surrounding wall replace with bifolding glass door, $17,900

2060 Amherst St. remodel master and hall bath, $24,000

797 Cereza Drive replace water heater, $n/a

1802 Edgewood Drive replace water heater, $n/a

1036 High St. re-roof duplex, $14,933

3106 Stelling Drive install new boiler, $n/a

811 Cowper St. add bathroom; upgrade electrical service to 100 amps, $6,000

855 California Ave. Merck: remodel 3,300 sf for the existing tenant, convert conference rooms to offices and install new exterior diesel fuel storage tank for the generator, $1,024,876; replace lab equipment, $150,000

764 Chimalus Drive replace entry door and door at the left side of the house, add one outlet in the garage, $900

4025 Sutherland Drive trenchless pipeburst, no work in public right of way, install clean-out by house, $n/a

758 De Soto Drive repair skylite framing — termite repair, replace siding, $10,000

3539 Laguna Court residential addition (810 sf) and remodel (294 sf), new second story and electric service upgrade to 200 amps, $156,000; revise bath layout, relocate windows, $n/a

400 Emerson St. Avidbank: new conference room and break room, $75,000

350 W. Charleston Road enlarge storage area and reduce the size of the mechanical room, $n/a; expand storage at carport and relocate boiler and water heater, $n/a

455 Oxford Ave. re-roof, $11,000

1060 Newell Road re-roof, $18,000

20 Churchill Ave. re-roof, $3,000

118 Churchill Ave. addition ~655sf and remodel ~500sf, new attached garage ~400sf, $165,000

109 California Ave. upgrading two ADA bathrooms, $n/a

1375 Pitman Ave. re-roof, $11,000; re-roof garage, $6,000

761 Stanford Ave. addition (158 sf) and remodel (264 sf) with new basement (949 sf), $n/a; new carport (225 sf), $6,500; relocate front door, replace masonry fireplace with gas fireplace, $n/a

438 N. California Ave. convert 15' high sloped ceiling at family room to 2nd story balcony and add covered patio at 1st story below, $n/a

3840 May Court rooftop photovoltaic system, $n/a

975 California Ave. replace chair lift at parking lot, $n/a

620 Georgia Ave. residential kitchen remodel (130 sf), $20,000

1570 Dana Ave. re-roof, $3,434

1531 University Ave. replace furnace, $n/a

829 Southampton Drive remodel two bathrooms, re-roof entire structure, relocate furnace to the attic, modify hall closets, new exterior AC unit, new lighting in hallways, dining room and family room, $75,000; re-roof detached garage, $6,000

581 Marion Ave. add 2" to bottom stemwall, $n/a

3585 El Camino Real soil and ground water remediation: install vapor extractor and air spurge compressor for remediation of fuel contaminated soil and groundwater, $40,000

100 Hamilton Ave. tenant improvement for Palantir Technologies (new office layout on 4th floor), $70,000; tenant improvement, combine suites, $63,000; reconfiguring office space. associated electrical, mechanical and plumbing, $98,000; third-floor remodel to create open office space and two conference rooms, $55,000; demolish partitions, $n/a

2392 Cowper St. replace 11 windows, $20,000

315 Homer Ave. #109 replace lighting with recessed led fixtures, $n/a

2671 South Court two-story addition (1354 sf) and remodel (1513 sf) and new attached garage (233 sf), $362,700; chimney buildout and replace gas insert, $n/a

1087, 1089, 1091, 1093, 1094, 1151, and 1163 Tanland Drive non-structural dryrot repair at areas of siding, ballasters, deck rails, decking, and fascia boards, $40,000

335 Kipling St. re-roof, $7,032

180 University Ave. West Elm, electrical for three illuminated signs, $n/a

340 University Ave. add an interior door to the trash room, $n/a

1580 Walnut Drive sewer line repair, $n/a

1510 Portola Ave. new 7ft tall wall, $10,000

3890 Louis Road remove interior garage walls illegally installed by previous owner, $5,000

3531 Greer Road install photovoltaic system, $n/a

936 N. California Ave. revise the size of one ceiling beam and add a new beam, $n/a

3861 Corina Way install photovoltaic system, $n/a

371 College Ave. replace under house drain lines and tie into main, $n/a

291 Whitclem Way remodel kitchen and bathroom (210 sf), replace all exterior windows, replace three patio doors, $31,860

1645 Escobita Ave. re-roof garage, $5,142

1431 Waverley St. install water main backflow device, $n/a

2927 South Court replace windows, upgrade kitchen counter receptacles, $8,000

3738 Starr King Circle install electrical vehicle supply equipment at exterior wall, $n/a

3777 Louis Road install photovoltaic system, $n/a

170 N. California Ave. demo pool, $n/a

444 San Antonio Ave. #4C replace furnace in garage, $n/a

310 California Ave. replace sewer lateral, $n/a

10 Roosevelt Circle install photovoltaic system, 15-roof top flush mounted solar panels (3.6kw), upgrade main panel to 200 amps, $19,500

4101 El Camino Way interior non-structural demo, $n/a

253 Fulton St. re-roof, $n/a

770 Gailen Court re-roof, $10,300

164 Heather Lane replace attic furnace and a/c unit, $n/a

1611 Castilleja Ave. demolish house, $n/a; new two-story residence (2307 sf) with a basement (1044 sf) and covered porch (268 sf), including tankless water heater, $591,543

3160 Porter Drive Stanford University, add wall at lobby area, $24,000

817 Wintergreen Way relocate kitchen and demo closet furnace, new attic furnace, electric service upgrade to 200 amps, re-roof, $38,000

1646 Madrono Ave. install electrical vehicle supply equipment in garage, $n/a

985 Paradise Way remodel kitchen, $23,000

1610 Sand Hill Road Oak Creek Apartments: interior remodel of the entire first floor at the clubhouse (5961 sf), $1,000,000; add accessible parking spot and new path, $n/a

2550 Hanover St. Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP, install electrical vehicle supply equipment, $n/a

3510 Murdoch Drive re-roof, $12,971

838 Cowper St. demo house, construct two story-house with a basement, $n/a

791 Christine Drive remodel bathroom, $28,000

3140 Morris Drive electric service upgrade to 200 amps, $n/a

151 University Ave. Palantir: deletion of proposed office spaces and associated electrical and mechanical, $n/a

4041 Verdosa Drive re-roof, $6,000


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