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Real Estate - June 14, 2013

Building Permits

Menlo Park

615 Bay Road D.Ganju, detach wall, $1,800

1304 University Drive #6 E. Hachenburg, run new electrical circuit for microwave hood, $300

3 Brady Place P. Rottier, new pool/spa, $48,000

1211 N. Lemon Ave. R. Lum, replace dryrot- and termite-damaged wood at the corner of the summer kitchen/garage building, $4,200

1304 Hollyburne Ave. P. Brazil, replace main service panel, re-feed subpanel, $5,000

3 Maywood Lane W. McPherson, replace furnace and water heater and insulate attic, $10,500

1807 Oakdell Ave. J. Carcione, bocce ballcourt cover, new detached trellis, $40,000

1049 Ringwood Ave. M. Sutton, install 16 rooftop flush-mounted solar panels, $15,000

956 Timothy Lane J. Helmers, tankless water heater, service upgrade, $n/a

540 St. Francis Place D. Bahman, remove three windows and replace with doors, remodel kitchen and add lighting to the master dressing room, remove fireplace in the family room and reverse to face backyard, $50,000

530 St. Francis Place D. Bahman, add spa inside of pool, $5,200

871 Hamilton Ave. L. Labarbera, divide office space into two smaller office spaces, $39,000

24 Campo Bello Court S. Vaswani, remodel two bathrooms, $20,000

640 Magnolia St. L. Polk, add 240 sq. ft. to a one-story residence, $49,000

2408 Sharon Oaks Drive G. Stratos, replace lower deck, $15,000

1029 Hobart St. D.Williams, interior remodel to kitchen, baths and dining room, extend existing trellis, $150,000

2130 Sharon Road D. Kennelly, upgrade electrical panel $1,000

1037 Oakland Ave. K. Root, replace four feet of sewer pipe in the backyard, $4,489

4 East Creek Place R. English, remodel hall and master bathroom, alter two windows in each bathroom, $50,000

1016 Alma St. R. Armstrong, new bathroom, HVAC system, new lighting and power, new electric water heater, $21,500

1341 Hillview Drive J. Brelsford, gasline for barbecue, pre-fabricated fire pit, $3,500

901 Hobart St. Y. Fujimori, alteration to remove 2nd-floor deck and French doors and replace with bay window, $12,500

1050 Tehama Ave. M. Casey, remodel bathroom, $11,000

332 Hedge Road O. Petry, re-roof, $17,500

580 Laurel St. M. Rodolfo, replace water heater, $1,797

367 Hedge Road A. Nicosia, add 238 sq. ft., including an interior remodel of 1,244 sq. ft. to single-family residence, $180,000

1372 Sevier Ave. J. Oxaal, rer-oof, $9,000

531 Pope St. M. Weinberger, new 2,770-sq.-ft., two-story residence, $900,000

1799 Stanford Ave. J. Bunt, re-roof with underlayment, $29,668

1053 Sierra Drive R. Veltman, re-roof and replace flashing, $33,000

155 Yale Road A. Cotroneo, re-roof with shingles, $10,428

1026 Cambridge Ave. J. Dickerson, install wood shake, $17,160

4 Alder Place J. Carr, replace furnace, $16,559

930 Cloud Ave. J. Patterson, re-roof, $8,500

Palo Alto

3314 Cowper St. Z. Sun, patio enclosure, $16,560

2424 Burnham Way Partha, remodel bath, $4,000

875 Ilima Court J. Witt, termite repairs, $8,000

245 Lytton Ave. Suite 350 GSR Ventures, wall addition and upgrades throughout, $67,000

1010 Corporation Way Gray Mark Capital, interior improvement, new interior walls, new ceiling, $75,000

2791 Cowper St. R. Kidambi, new two-story home with garage, $384,000

3943 Alma Village Circle Trestle Partners, Lot 24 at Alma Plaza, $412,413

263 Oxford Ave. M. Law, new two-story home with basement, $1,000,000

2924 Waverley St. G. Tu, new two-story home with detached garage, $10,983.60

4214-4220 El Camino Real Schnell Bros. Properties, new construction of four-story Hilton Garden Hotel, $18,022,200

868 Robb Road D. Askari, new pool and spa, $60,000

3725 Feather Lane E. Berwaldt, replace Sheetrock, $n/a

761 De Soto Drive H. Chen, demolish swimming pool, $n/a

473 Gary Court J. Crilly, replace windows, $9,170

2190 W. Bayshore Road The Fresh Market, power a temporary trailer, $8,000

1501 Page Mill Road Hewlett Packard, acoustical walls, ceiling, electrical, $175,000

855 El Camino Real Suite 121 interior non-structural demo for Tin Pot Creamery, $n/a

398 Arboretum Road The Container Store Inc., new façade, landscaping, replace concrete wall with storefront, $3,000,000

336 Hawthorne Ave. K. Yoshinari, green roof, moss mats, $1,000

2022 Edgewood Drive S. Zhong, pool removal, $n/a

450 Colorado Ave. G. McShea, interior and home remodeling, $90,000

433 Melville Ave. Gilbert, new swimming pool, $n/a

3145 Porter Drive Stanford University, work office improvement, $23,000

1960 Bryant St. G. Wang, bedroom and two bathroom addition, enlarge living room, $98,637

4211 Wilkie Way R. Rosenburg, remove existing siding and replace with stone, $40,000

855 El Camino Real #85 Cross Point Realty, ceiling, $7,500

745 Waverley St. St. Thomas Aquinas, move washer and dryer to basement, $n/a

1035 E. Meadow Circle Stangenes Industries, refurbish minor office area, new HVAC unit, new lighting, $528,675

450 Sequoia Ave. Phillips, remodel powder room, create bath and guest room, $15,000


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