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Real Estate - February 15, 2013

Building Permits

Menlo Park

1005 Lassen Drive L. Gray, residential re-roof, $18,000

428 Waverley St. #B K. Gfroerer, units c and d only, gas piping, $n/a

807 Bay Road S. Masnaghetti, electrical service upgrade, $2,100

47 Bay Road E. Fronberg, partial sewer line replacement, $3,500

1321 Hobart St. J. Dumalac, add 722 sq. ft. and an interior remodel, $375,000

1201 Cotton St. R. Cote, 270-sq.-ft. addition to single-family residence, $80,000

2303 Loma Prieta Lane P. Choudhry, photovoltaic solar system, $31,455

619 Bay Road A. Buck, replace sewer in the backyard, $3,425

1125 Trinity Drive G. Becker, photovoltaic solar system, $52,000

36 Campbell Lane T. Cowan, re-roof, $21,000

101 Green St. V. Vahamaki, re-roof, $6,800

1065 Continental Drive E. Espiritu, approximately 60 inches of water line repair, $1,500

1100 Sharon Park Drive Apt. 39 J. Collins, replace existing tub with new Meditub, $5,000

369 McKendry Drive J. Breckendridge, add 330 sq. ft. at the rear to enlarge bed, bath, closet, and remove wall in kitchen to create an island, $138,000

411 Waverley St. D. Satten, voluntary seismic upgrade to an existing single-story duplex, $4,200

405 El Camino Real #624 M. Buerger, bedroom and bath remodel (500 sq. ft.), $129,000

941 Continental Drive S. Ellingson, bath remodel-like for like $12,000

2140 Santa Cruz Ave. E106 N. Nunn, bathroom remodel, handicap accessible, $20,000

1771 Pine Lane T. Choc, upgrade electrical service to 125 amps, $n/a

775 Roble Ave. S. Wright, multifamily re-roof, $19,500

916 Fremont Place #2 J. Daly, bath remodel, remove existing fireplace and replace with new window, $16,000; re-roof carport, $n/a

12 Iris Lane M. Torres, replace water heater, $1,500

807 Bay Road H. Voris, voluntary seismic upgrade, $5,000

2140 Santa Cruz Ave. C204 P. Kaboli, remodel kitchen and two baths, $57,000

2320 Olympic Ave. J. Holmes, replace sewer line, $7,300

1275 Trinity Drive M. Asimow, replace water heater, $1,200

240 Arbor Road M. Hernandez Villavicencio, replace sewer line, $4,000

450 Cotton St. S. Lo, replace trenchless sewer line, $4,000

515 Laurel Ave. R. Young, electrical vehicle charging station, $983

314 Walnut St. K. Rea, kitchen remodel, $10,000

1028 Menlo Oaks Drive J. Hosein, replace sewer line, $3,200

450 Claremont Way D. Lowell, kitchen remodel, remove one nonload-bearing wall, two new skylights, $20,000

360 Claire Place A. Tomkins, new garden feature, six-inch stucco wall, masonry columns, $6,000

1070 Cambridge Ave. R. Dunn, sewer line cleanout, $2,200

1070 Lemon St. N. Djordjevic, remove shake roof and install 1/2 OSB, 30# felt and new comp, $17,618

204 Sand Hill Circle, unit 204 C. Liechti, replace water heater, $1,896

1147 Windsor Way C. Lucchesi, install six recessed fixtures and two dimmer switches in living room, $1,600

3 Maywood Lane W. McPherson, photovoltaic solar system-flush mounted, $20,000

129 Pope St. C. Hesse, photovoltaic solar system-flush mounted, $6,000

1069 Cascade Drive K. Clugage, replace furnace in the garage, $2,700

1360 Trinity Drive W. Critzer, repair deck, $31,600

331 Barton Place J. Stone, replace water heater, $1,203

937 Cotton St. J. Bishop, remodel master bath, $25,000

535 Hobart St. R. O'Keefe, re-roof, $7,605

220 Linfield Drive W. Stoddard, re-roof, $14,500

1150 Westfield Drive E. Sherwin, add 51 sq. ft. and doors, skylights and windows, $70,000

Palo Alto

3301 Hillview Ave. Tibco Software, tenant improvement to remove private offices and convert to open office, $67,639

3120 Hansen Way Varian Medical Systems, intall a sku h.v. switch, $90,000

435 Acacia Silva Family Investments, improvements to one-story building, lighting, $53,000

3127 El Camino Real Silva Family Investments, improvements to one-story building, lighting, $98,000

981 Embarcadero Road change flat garage roof to peaked, $11,761

1145 Middlefield Road N. & M. Homnack, upgrade electrical, $n/a

352 Middlefield Road N. Pendse, covered deck and breezeway, $16,000

250 University Ave. Borelli Investment Co., tenant improvement for new retail store, $8,000

3489 Murdoch Court D. Willset, remodel kitchen, upgrade electrical, $12,000

184 Heather Lane C. Patwardham, relocate gas meter, new tankless water heater, $n/a

1082 Stanley Way L. & P. Neumann, remodel, addition, add 213 sq ft, $178,904

2440 Cowper St. J. Henika, replace 11 windows, $5,000

237-241 Churchill H. Garrison, replace old meter system, $n/a

3840 May Court D. Kobza, install 18 roof mounted panels, $n/a

3370 Park Blvd. L. Zhang, add master suite, two bedrooms, bathroom, entry porch, $225,813; one-car garage, $n/a

580 Arastradero Road #104 Prometheus Real Estate Group, remodel kitchen, bathroom, add washer dryer, $21,800

300 Lowell Ave. S. & C Tierney, addition to first and second floor, $183,000

130 Lowell A. & L. Lichtblau, remodel bathroom, $10,000

403 University Ave. J. Chang, extend countertop, add handsink, $2,000

470 Santa Rita Ave. Liu, remodel kitchen, three bathrooms, replace windows, doors, rewire, new A/C, $172,000

158 University Ave. Thoits Brothers, modify interior of ground floor and HVAC, add new wall, partitions, light fixtures and power outlets, $28,000

1611 Castilleja Ave. E. Chang, new single-family residence, $591,543

4301 El Camino Real #1, 3, 10, 16 Monroe Place L.P., single-family detached residential condo, $242,880; #6, 12, single-family detached residential condo, $235,635; #8, 18, 14, duplex residential condo, $487,830

2080 Channing Ave. The Fresh Market, tenant improvement, new interior, electrical, mechanical, plumbing work and sprinklers, $995,000

4189 Wilmar Drive E. & R. Satterthwaite, remodel kitchen, $65,000

935 Matadero Ave. E. Chung, addition, remodel, add new bedroom, bath, heater, $n/a

3895 La Donna Ave. remodel kitchen and bathroom, remove fireplace, upgrade electrical, plumbing and heating, $24,860

470 Santa Rita Ave. M. & J. Liu, remodel master bedroom and bath, $8,000

2125 High St. G. Kataria & S. Bagde, remodel interior, new bath, exterior doors and skylight, $23,000

3400 Hillview Ave. Bldg. 4 Stanford University, $24,000

540 Lowell Ave. Larson/ Schmutz, remodel exercise room, replace heater, move bath door, lighting and switch, $22,000

747 Marion Ave. E. Lurie, replace door and windows, install French door, extend windows, $10,000

3605 Arbutus Ave. G. Loy, replace pool pump, add attic insulation, $2,700

3000 El Camino Real, Bldg. 5 Equity Office, tenant improvement, new lighting and power, $525,000

849 Newell Place H. Zha, remodel bath, $11,000

900 Hansen Way Hansen Properties, expand workroom, $67,000

171 Forest Ave. Baen Properties, remove and replace non-bearing partition wall, add new folding door and support, $56,000

3160 Porter Drive Stanford University, remove two walls, add new ceiling, prefab Solatube skylight, $23,000

300 Santa Rita Ave. A. Waldfogel, install amateur radio antenna, $10,000

2051 Emerson St. Greenwood Trust LLC, remodel interior two-story structure with basement, $398,000

475 Marlowe St. T. Haley & K. Batey, remodel landscape, install spa and stone patio, $99,000

323 Oxford Ave. E. Lin, install seven retrofit windows, $838,300

235 Hamilton Ave.,replace old insulation and old drywall, add two 120V receptacle outlets and media hub, $60,000

2111 El Camino Real, make restroom ADA compliant, add sushi bar, expand kitchen, electrical, plumbing, $80,000

2745 Byron St. Cal-Western Property Management, rebuild stairs, $17,000

245 Lytton Ave. Mozart Development Co., demolish non-structured walls, $8,500

3825 Fabian Way install HV transformer and low voltage switchgear, $210,0000

260 College Ave. SPN real estate fund, remodel unit D & F, kitchen, bathroom, gas, washer, dryer, $38,000

101 Forest Ave. Suite 110 S. Dwyer c/o US Trust, new exterior door, accessible path, exit sign, panic hardware at door, $7,500

3660 Ramona St. add 312 sq. ft. room and change doors and windows, $75,000

1591 Mariposa Ave. B. Zhang, add new bathroom, $8,000

627 Fulton St. N. & M. Moberg, add 72 sq. ft. to first-floor bedroom, add porch to side and rear, $50,800

925 Page Mill Road install two chillers, two UFD and rework four pumps, $195,000

4134 Donald Drive David N6, install garage ceiling and wall insulation, replace wiring and laundry sink, $84,000

3874 Mumford Place X. Hua & J. C. Y. Pan, remodel kitchen, bath, laundry area, $26,500

4202 Suzanne Drive H. Lum, add 425KW grid-tied rooftop solar PV system, $n/a

750 Maplewood Ave. S. Sung & J. You, add 499 sq. ft. to right side, $85,000

873 Clara C. Price & C. Connel, remodel bath, add fan, sink, replace window, $16,000

101 Alma St. A. Caram, remodel kitchen and bath, $59,000


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