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Real Estate - June 29, 2012

Building permits

Palo Alto

755 Hamilton Ave. A. Werry, bathroom remodel, new heater, AC unit and 11 ducts, replace kitchen counters, $5,500

180 El Camino Real garage parking shoring, $31,000

855 El Camino Real, Ste. 105 Ellis Partners LLC, new interior finishes, demolition of non-load bearing walls, new walls, storefront and reflected ceiling, $85,000

723 San Jude St. J. & L. Landees, chimney replacement, $9,000

2060 Amherst H. Vinton, bathroom and half bath remodel, $17,000

2101 Middlefield Road B. & L. Faust, house remodel and new garage, 2,854 sq. ft., $250,000

2053 Park Blvd. M. Pansare, replace second-story deck, $975

236 Scripps Court M. Frei, bathroom renovation, 55 sq. ft., $7,000

340 California Ave. T. Foy, interior improvement of ground floor and mezzanine for a cafe, 1,733 sq. ft., $200,000

329 Fulton St. B. Aalami, new two-story house with basement, $737,000; single-car garage, $15,000

2455 Faber, Ste. 200 Arden Realty, interior demolition, 5,200 sq. ft., $15,000

534 Center Drive R. Pawson, window and door replacement, interior remodeling, $70,000

3885 El Camino Real Starbucks, interior demolition, 1,577 sq. ft., $13,000

695 Colorado Ave. S. Okazaki, kitchen and bathroom remodel, replace 20 windows, 2,162 sq. ft., $48,380

590 Forest Ave. Bay Area Industrial Corp., commercial tenant improvement, new partitions, electrical, finishes, demolition interior walls, $350,000

290 Ventura Ave. Palo Alto Housing, window replacement, $22,250

310 Ventura Ave. Palo Alto Housing, window replacement, $22,250

1125 University Ave. A. & H. Frahon, interior remodel, including bathroom, skylights, new French doors with stairs and landing, $89,000

3445 Alma St., Lot 1 Trestle Alma Plaza, new single-family detached residence, 2,397 sq. ft., $412,413; Lot 2, 2,254 sq. ft., $392,969; Lot 3, 2,264 sq. ft., $392,170; Lot 37, 1,770 sq. ft., $312,290

3431 Hillview Ave. VMWare, single office addition to existing open office area, $8,500

4176 Willmar Drive C. Kong, kitchen remodel, relocate laundry, convert part of garage to living space, $60,000

3453 Ashton Court McCandless, install four vinyl windows, $3,800

576 Jackson Drive Cao, temporary power, $n/a

1530 Waverley St. R. Bush, remodel 40-sq.-ft. bathroom, $6,000

479 Margarita Ave. W. Au, kitchen remodel, $12,000

1359 Martin Ave. P. Marzoni, replace existing tub with shower stall, tile walls over mortar and bathroom floor, replace shower valve, $8,000

250 Hamilton Ave. R. & D. Miller, install safety railing around roof parapet perimeter, $18,500

627 Seale Ave. J. & L. Aufmuth, kitchen and laundry-room remodel, sitting-area addition, 73 sq. ft., $65,793

571 Homer Ave. N. Fritz, replace existing tub enclosure, plastic pan, new tile, plumbing, $4,000

1501 Page Mill Road, Bldg. 2 HP, install new wet etcher equipment, 852 sq. ft., $25,000

3160 Porter Drive Stanford University, remodel existing finishes, replace heating and lighting in cafe/kitchen, $80,000

730 Southampton Drive B. Verheecke, master-bathroom remodel, $15,000

975 S. California Ave. PSAI (M. Ward), 23,655 sq. ft. of new interior construction on second floor, $787,600

363 Channing Ave. Parshad, bathroom remodel, add washer and dryer in garage, $5,000

1100 Welch Road LPCH, new trailer for new employee drug testing, $24,000

408 California Ave. H. Sol, Type 1 hood install, new mop sink and tile work, $20,000

1160 Greenwood Ave. K. Borsos, demolish existing shower, reinstall fixtures, paint, tile, drywall, plumbing, $5,000

375 Tioga Court J. Kmetel, expand existing bathrooms and bedrooms, remodel kitchen, living room and dining room, 2,505 sq. ft., $132,000

360 Everett, #3C D. Clark, remodel kitchen, hall bathroom and master bathroom, upgrade electrical, install new plumbing and appliances, $40,000

1229 Stanford Ave. T. Willow, bathroom remodel, $n/a

1560 Sand Hill Road 1600 Sand Hill Associates, ADA upgrades to leasing office and bathroom, $15,000

1511 Mariposa Ave. I. Cho, bathroom remodel, add water line for new refrigerator, $7,500

2995 Middlefield Road Oud Trace Middlefield LLC, demolition of openings in existing walls and floor at showers, 6,932 sq. ft., $4,500

628 Greer Road K. Porter, existing bath upgrade, 60 sq. ft., $8,000

3251 Hanover Lockheed Martin, replace existing glass cleaning system, $n/a

420 Lowell Ave. N. Heilling, bathroom remodel, $11,000

1440 Tasso St. A. Wauk, structural repairs on foundation, install tankless water heater and 200-amp panel, replace plumbing, new roof, $35,000

211 Quarry Road Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Jr. University, new 1,085-stall parking structure, three levels below grade and six levels above grade, $29 million

363 Melville Ave. S. & L. Littlefield, renovation and addition of historic home, 4,823 sq. ft., $683,072; new 448 sq. ft. garage, $21,773

3431 Hillview Ave., Parking Garage #2 VMWare, site work for future building and rough grading and site utilities, $459,000

855 El Camino Real, Bldg. 2, Ste. 37 & 39 Town & Country Village, tenant improvement for new athlete retail store, minor demolition, new partitions, flooring paint and lighting, 3,700 sq. ft., $120,000

1086 E. Meadow Circle, Bldg. 27 California Pacific Commercial Corporation, interior tenant improvements, new bathroom remodel, mechanical and electrical work, $400,000

335 Churchill Ave. Leslie Chatorian, add French door units, remove one upper floor-support column, $12,000

1875 University Ave. J. Syed, remodel two bathrooms, moving laundry, $16,000

438 N. California Ave. L. Chen & Y. Liu, new 5,113-sq.-ft. two-story home with full basement, new landscaping, $820,855

373 Oxford Ave. Magic, D. Schrom & H. Hug, new single-family residence with basement, 5,530 sq. ft., $1,027,000; detached garage, 220 sq. ft., $11,000

3420 Hillview Ave. EPRI/SAP, upgrade grease interceptor and exterior canopy over trash enclosure, $160,000

3127 El Camino Real Silva Properties, partial demolition of one-story building, construction of exterior improvements, new MEP systems and screened roof-top mechanical systems, interior improvements, 18,205 sq. ft. lot area, $475,000

2309 Byron St. D. & M. Guillet, 367-sq.-ft., one-story addition to existing 2,760-sq.-ft. residence, reconfiguration of existing first floor interior space, $246,000

271 Lowell Ave. R. Finn & U. Schulte, kitchen remodel, replace cabinets, counter tops, new lighting, $18,000


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