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Real Estate - June 15, 2012

Building permits

Menlo Park

46 Lorelei Lane B. Clouse, install new ductless split, $3,431

618 Laurel Ave. R. Simpkins, remove and replace windows/skylights/sliders, $9,000

200 Middlefield Road R. Mills, a commercial tenant improvement, $2,190,509

38 Lorelei Lane J. West, tear off and replace with foam roofing system, $14,000

700 College Ave. D. Roitman, remodel two baths and kitchen, $85,000

17 Buckthorn Way D. Graziano, 133-sq.-ft. remodel to a single-family residence, $35,000

960 Hamilton Ave. AMB Property L P, installation of new LN2 Tank, minor mechanical and structural, $62,000

1601 Willow Road Bldg. 17 Wilson Menlo Park Campus LLC, new car chargers, $5,000

622 Laurel Ave. T. Jackson, secondary dwelling unit addition, $120,000

224 Marmona Drive H. & J. Abbis, bath remodel, $18,000

2036 Menalto Ave. R. Benito, remove and replace three wall heaters, $3,500

800 Alma St. City of Menlo Park, commercial alteration to women's bathroom, $5,500

1530 Bay Laurel Drive W. Noryko, demolish residence, $n/a

140 O'Connor St. N. Macneale, install electric car charger, $1,200

303 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics Co, commercial alteration for equipment installation, $22,500

1140 O'Brien Drive O'Brien Drive Portfolio LLC, commercial alteration to a food research lab to install Type 1 hood, build one wall, $20,000

300 Sand Hill Circle #301 H. Itskovitz, balcony dry-rot deck repair, $8,500

508 Glenwood Ave. O. Martinez, upgrade electrical main service, $700

1149 Noel Drive C. Gurney, replace water heater, $1,200

4 Whitney Court L. Rafield, re-route storm-drain pipe, $7,400

400 Ravenswood Ave. #3 M. & A. Chan, upgrade subpanel from fuses to circuit breakers, $1,000

1415 Bay Laurel Drive R. Lessow, new solar system for residence, $29,400

130 Forest Lane F. Rose, replace furnace, $6,500

869 Santa Cruz Ave. J. Squires, repair work to storefront and booth, $9,000

2200 Sand Hill Road Reata Company, commercial interior demolition, $15,000

4300 Bohannon Drive WSC Menlo Oaks Investors LLC, split system package unit, electrical work, $15,000

1060 Sierra Drive E. & J. Flegel, replace deck, $29,000

675 Evergreen St. S. Heller, bathroom renovation and pantry remodel, $30,000

1116 Del Norte Ave. B. Williams, kitchen remodel, $10,000

1276 Sharon Park Drive R. Snell, bathroom remodel, Sheetrock garage, $10,000

4040 Campbell Ave. Deerfield Campbell LLC, commercial interior modification to IT room and training room, $35,000

1025 Cascade Drive J. Birn, remodel kitchen, $40,000

1725 Oakdell Drive A. Perica, pool demolition, $7,000

1180 N. Lemon United Stephens LLC, demolition of house, $10,800

1055 Lassen Drive M. Lewis, remodel house, replace windows and skylights, $75,000

116 Chester St. J. Phillips, install new gas line to existing fire place, $1,200

305 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics Corp, install laser engraver and electric service line and water line, $7,000

313 Barton Way V. Kalra, second-story addition and new garage and interior remodel, $350,000

1116 Hollyburne Ave. M. Khoury, replace electrical panel, $1,000

2 Robert S Drive Quinta Properties LLC, install metal gates, $500

1505 Adams Drive Menlo Business Park LLC, replace 14 existing HVAC units, $132,000

1605 Adams Drive Menlo Business Park LLC, replace 34 rooftop AC units, $293,000

1352 Carlton Ave. M. Salas, 461-sq.-ft. addition to single-family residence, $73,000

135 E. Creek Drive R. Holmes, replace furnace, $3,055

1455 Adams Drive Raychem Corp, build eight modular wall offices, $15,000

2500 Sand Hill Road Sand Hill Place Sub-Lessee, commercial tenant improvement for First Republic Bank, $200,000

348 Lennox Ave. R. Hanley, re-roof, $3,000

2324 Branner Drive C. Threatt, re-roof, $20,000

30 Barbara Lane J. McDonnell, 275-sq.-ft. addition to a single-family residence and interior remodel, $300,000

541 Grace Drive M. Gadre, bath remodel, $15,000

560 University Drive J. Navarro, dry-rot repair to landing of apartment, $1,000

1020 Sherman Ave. B. Legrand, partial re-roof, $2,800

1501 Bay Laurel Drive P. Vais, install underground gas line from pool equipment to portable barbecue and run underground electric line, $1,900

1008 Henderson Ave. K. Taylor-Cushna, new siding for entire house, $24,500

1140 Arbor Raod D. Ladine, 504-sq.-ft. detached accessory structure, $95,000

298 Waverly St. B. Schink, balcony rebuild with new railings, $4,300

280 Linfield Drive S. Soffer, 12-sq.-ft. addition and remodel to one-story single-family residence, $70,000

1530 Bay Laurel Drive W. Noryko, new two-story single-family residence of 3,657 sq. ft., $1,000,000

1077 Del Norte Ave. P. Rasmussen, kitchen, laundry room, walk-in closet remodel, $30,000

1080 O'Brien Drive M. Cabak, minor commercial alteration to remove walls and create doorways, $12,000

745 Cotton St. J. Montalbo, dry-rot repair to front porch and guest room, $5,000


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