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Building permits are gathered periodically from the city of Palo Alto's development center website.

1432 Webster St. Residential addition (6044 sf) and rebuild (1,000 sf). New basement (2,564 sf) includes new outdoor kitchen at rear yard. $1,200,000.

1432 Webster St. New detached garage (265 sf). $13,000.

1432 Webster St. Demolish detached garage (665sf) Recommend disconnect electric and gas for main residence.

375 Hawthorne Ave. Expansion of existing basement/ crawl space (1,453 sf) Conversion of conditioned space (1,191 sf and 262 sf) storage. Remodel first floor bath (50 sf). New tankless water hearter. Additional scope second-floor remodel addition 58 sf. $337,840

2388 Louis Road Residential addition and remodel includes two-story addition (969 sf) and 1,000 sf remodel. Includes tankless water heater. $280,000.

2388 Louis Road New detached garage and covered patio (340 sf). $23,000.

4051 Transport St. Commercial photovoltaic panels, tilt and awning system.

4061 Transport St. Commercial photovoltaic panels, tilt and awning system (shared system with 4045, 4047, and 4051 Transport St.)

890 Robb Road New detached accessory structure used for recreation. Includes restroom, kitchenette and tankless water heater. $231,000.

2205 Louis Road Deconstruction of existing single-family home.

2205 Louis Road Deconstruction of existing shed.

900 North California Ave. Deconstruction of existing single-family home and attached garage.

912 North California Ave. Deconstruction of existing single-family home and attached garage (2,746 sf). $501,343

3601 El Camino Real Installation of new hydrogen fueling station. Installation of new equipment compound and trash enclosure. Scope of work includes new 600-amp transformer. $500,000.

875 Blake Wilbur Drive Remodel two rooms (1,000 sf) for existing tenant "Stanford Healthcare." Remodel to the linear accelerator and control rooms. No exterior work. $763,600.

1605 Edgewood Drive Deconstruction of single-family home in preparation for new home and accessory dwelling unit.

1101 University Ave. Addition of new arbor in courtyard (423 sf) and new entry patio (360 sf). New gas firepit and site landscaping. $23,000.

728 Matadero Ave. Residential Tesla powerwall battery system.

672 Melville Ave. New two-story single-family home (2,320 sf) with basement (1,496 sf) and attached garage (216 sf). $688,028.

672 Melville Ave. Demolish existing single-family home (1,292 sf) with attached garage (400 sf).

649 Seneca St. Residential remodel (first floor). New laundry, powder room, master bathroom, closet and bedroom (800 sf). New dressing room, hallway, bedrooms (40 sf); relocation of tankless water heater. $75,191.

3530 Whitsell Ave. Build detached garage (352 sf). $24,598.

3291 Middlefield Road Addition and remodel includes atrium space conversion to conditioned space (320 sf). $50,000.

3985 Bibbits Drive Addition at entrance (84 sf); build wall to bring entrance door to front of building. $39,000.

4157 El Camino Way Tenant improvements, use and occupancy for Lee and Woo Orthodontics. Interior only, 1,244 sf. $120,000.

3133 Emerson St. Residential addition of bedrooms three and four, and dining room (935 sf). Remodel of interior space (850 sf) and attached garage (239 sf). Upgrade of electrical service to 200 amps. Adding air-conditioning system. $250,000.

3530 Whitsell Ave. Demolish detached garage.

3601 El Camino Real Installation of level 2 electric-vehicle charger.

474 Matadero Ave. Interior remodel apartments #474 and #476 (1,365 sf). New windows, upgrade two panels to 100 amps, new tankless water heaters, relocate kitchen and bathrooms. $204,750.

3837 Louis Road Residential remodel (450 sf) includes master remodel of master bedroom and two bathrooms. Replace windows, new furnace and new lighting. $75,000.

3349 Cowper St. Demolish existing house (2,205 sf).

3349 Cowper St. Demolish existing detached garage (500 sf).

875 Blake Wilbur Drive Expand pharmacy (1,162 sf) within Cancer Center. No square footage added. Scope of work includes new rooftop equipment. $1,260,529.

400 Emerson St. Use an occupancy application is a place holder for the office cap zoning regulations to acknowledge the request for new office square footage for this existing building that desired to go from financial service to office use.

3609 Ramona St. Residential addition (425 sf) and new covered parking (213 sf). Includes remodel of kitchen and bathroom (200 sf). $90,000.

1103 Oregon Ave. Residential flush-mounted 2.6 KW photovoltaic system, two Tesla powerwalls and a 125-amp subpanel.

754 Los Robles Ave. New Tesla Powerwall, electric service upgrade to 200 amps and addition of two subpanels.

833 Hamilton Ave. New detached accessory dwelling unit (452 sf) for home at 831 Hamilton Ave. $115,000.

833 Hamilton Ave. Demolish detached garage (272 sf) in preparation for detached accessory dwelling unit construction.

580 Georgia Ave. Convert detached garage to new accessory dwelling unit. $64,680.

836 Bruce Drive Deconstruction of home and attached garage (1,800 sf) to prepare for construction of new home.

2546 Webster St. New two-story single-family home (1,749 sf), attached accessory dwelling unit (590 sf) and attached garage (445 sf) and porch (509 sf). $537,652.

2546 Webster St. Demolish existing house (2,153 sf).

2546 Webster St. Demolish existing back house.

1425 University Ave. Install 13.5 kw power wall system, 200 amp circuit to 225 amp load center.

740 Guinda St. Temporary power (portable).

2070 Columbia St. Temporary power.

1451 Hamilton Ave. Install in-ground pool with "hydrofloor" safety cover and pool equipment. $100,000.

938 Maddux Drive Roof-mounted photovoltaic array.

766 Gailen Court Residential addition (509 sf) and remodel (1,000 sf), includes partial conversion of garage. Separate permit for electric-vehicle charger. $187,000.

689 Los Robles Ave. New two-story single-family home (2,599 sf), attached one-car garage (217 sf) and basement (1,908 sf). $829,144.

689 Los Robles Ave. New accessory structure with electrical (120 sf) and covered porch (87 sf). $21,758.

689 Los Robles Ave. Demolish existing single-family home (1,900 sf) with attached garage (312 sf).

530 Lytton Ave. Landlord improvement. Scope of work includes replacing storefront, two exterior doors, adding a trash enclosure in basement, removing attached porte cochere at rear of building, remodeling interior to maintenance room and reconfiguring underground parking. $500,000.

3180 Morris Drive New two-story single-family home (2,543 sf) with attached garage (219 sf). $430,000.

3180 Morris Drive Demolish single-family home (1,082 sf).

3180 Morris Drive Demolish detached garage (264 sf).

395 Quarry Road Remodel for existing tenant Bank of America (3,500 sf). Scope of work includes replacing interior automatic teller machine, restroom and path of travel accessibility, including adding an exterior railing and parking signs. $189,475.

4031 Amaranta Ave. New pre-fabricated single-family home (2,424 sf) and attached garage (640 sf). $70,000.

4031 Amaranta Ave. Demolish single-family home with attached garage (1,450 sf).

4031 Amaranta Ave. Temporary power pole.

167 Hamilton Ave. Interior office tenant improvement (2,000 sf) on second and third floors. $80,000.

750 Wildwood Lane Add family room and half bathroom (440 sf). $51,106.

672 Melville Ave. Detached accessory structure/workshop (120 sf) includes electrical, mechanical and plumbing. $3,348.

262 Whitclem Drive New one-story single-family home (2,371 sf) with attached garage (212 sf). $285,126.

262 Whitclem Drive Demolish existing single-family home (1,066 sf) with attached garage (386 sf)

3000 El Camino Real Building 5: Tenant improvements and use and occupancy for Covington and Burling, LLC to occupy the 9th and 10th floors (26,582 sf). Scope of work includes new rooftop equipment. $4,957,496.

450 Adobe Place Single-story addition and remodel (1,511 sf). Scope of work includes relocating and upgrading electric service, converting half of garage and adding a tankless water heater. $175,503.

3137 Genevieve Court Remodel roof structure of detached garage. $12,766.

868 Lincoln Ave. Remodel two-story home (1,200 sf). Interior remodel includes new tankless water heater. $139,380.

2293 Princeton St. Code enforcement case: return upper-level deck to its original state. Previous work done without permit. $2,000.

1117 California Ave. Paul Hastings: partial interior tenant improvements (18,786 sf). New partitions, modified lighting plan and minor changes to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning layout. $700,000.

164 University Ave. Onigilly: tenant improvements, use and occupancy for restaurant Onigilly. Includes kitchen equipment and electrical work, new sinks, electric fryer, food heating equipment. $65,342.

875 Blake Wilbur Drive Remodel of third floor to create ante-room before the decontamination area of the Stanford Cancer Center. $24,600.

151 Lytton Ave. Use and occupancy and office tenant improvements for Egon Zhender to occupy 4,825 sf on ground floor. Scope of work 3,000 sf. $379,440.

3442 Middlefield Road New electrical for above-grade spa.

3176 Porter Drive Instlal two dual-level electric-vehicle chargers, one 150-amp stepdown transformer located after meter, and one 500-amp panel located after meter. Install two single-level electric-vehicle chargers on existing panel. $17,800.

829 Barron Ave. Residential remodel creating an opening in rear of house using steel brace frame and new detached trellis (120 sf). $24,000.

777 California Ave. Remove and replace existing rooftop package unit with new one. $69,122.

2433 Emerson St. Hall bathroom remodel (56 sf).

704 Matadero Ave. Remodel kitchen and two bathrooms. $38,000.

4081 Middlefield Road Residential reroof and replace one window. $18,000.

1110 Webster St. Install new roof. $17,800.

1094 Tanland Drive Remove and replace 120-gallon hot water storage tank

180 El Camino Real Use and occupancy "Brava" retail space (530 sf).

431 Stanford Ave. Exterior fire damage repair. Scope of work includes removing and replacing exterior siding, removing two retrofit windows and two steel entry doors, repairing roof damage. $11,500.

786 Melville Drive Remove existing deck and install one layer of Diamond deck as underlayment with lifetime composition. $23,000.

4108 Thain Way Install residential chair lift on existing stairway and associated electrical work. $3,100.

4122 Thain Way Replace water heater.

2171 Park Blvd. Remodel for tenant Rainbow Medical (1,050 sf). Scope of work includes adding a new single-occupancy restroom, new exterior accessible ramp and shifting exterior door. $132,804.

3000 El Camino Real Use and occupancy only 4Catalyzer Corporation (2,539 sf).

3884 Magnolia Drive Window replacement.

2705 Bryant St. Replace water heater.

758 Channing Ave. Replace tankless water heater.

3457 Bryant St. Replace water heater.

3959 La Donna Ave. Install new composition roof on second story of house only. $8,303.

3350 West Bayshore Road Relocate existing boilers from mechanical room to roof and relocate existing pumps in mechanical room to existing pad in same mechanical room. $50,000.

401 Fulton St. Replace residential sewer line (pipe burst). All work on private property.

3440 Tippawingo St. Replace existing cathedral ceiling in master bedroom with flat ceiling, build furred walls on exterior wall to stacked duct for vents. $10,000.

830 Forest Ave. Install new roof. $22,220.

2595 East Bayshore Road #200 Use and occupancy only for Palo Alto Housing Corporation, housing management firm to occupy 3,985 sf on second floor.

301 High St. Code enforcement: interior non-structural demolition permit to remove work done without permit: remove countertops, cabinets, sink, refrigerator and dishwasher.

2060 Birch St. New accessory structure in backyard (225 sf) with decking. New electrical throughout. $10,332.

700 Welch Road Owner improvements, new rooftop air-conditioning and associated electrical and mechanical.

530 University Ave. Owner improvement to replace rooftop mechanical equipment including new furnace.

4170 Coulombe Drive Residential flush-mounted photovoltaic system.

812 Los Robles Ave. Install tankless water heater and dedicated gas line.

408 Florence St. Moddable Tech Inc., Use and occupancy, (986 sf).

3333 Cowper St. Residential kitchen remodel (150 sf) within existing footprint. Replace cabinets, countertops, appliances and bring electrical and plumbing up to code. $18,000.

960 Guinda St. Red-tag gas leak repair at line to barbecue/fire pit.

2090 Byron St. Residential bathroom remodel (110 sf) hall and master bath. Replacement of window and pocket door insert in master bath. Replace window in shower of hall bath. as well as vanities, toilets and fans in both baths. $22,000.

776 Paul Ave. Remove brick fireplace to prepare for gas fireplace, two electrical outlets. $6,000.

180 El Camino Real #550 Tenant improvements for Nordstrom: remove and replace three fans in second-floor mechanical room.

1880 Embarcadero Road Interior demolition (6,000 sf) in preparation for separate tenant improvement permit.

311 Whitclem Drive Remodel three bathrooms and kitche. Repair and replace siding on whole house, re-roof. $50,000.

1892 Mark Twain St. Remove and replace subpanel in furnace room.

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