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Building permits in Palo Alto

Re-roofs continue through fall

In these 181 Palo Alto building permits, residents continue to repair their roofs, which 32 listed below. Scan the rest of the building permits to learn more about what's happening in your neighborhood.

1050 Page Mill Road 1 Machine Zone: tenant improvement and use and occupancy for tenant space on two floors, no exterior work, $467,773

428 Guinda St. restroom remodel

2130 Greer Road replace water heater

2290 Ramona St. replace water heater

2707 Alma St. red-tagged gas leak repair

2711 Alma St. red-tagged gas leak repair

1520 Page Mill Road interior non-structural demolition

450 Colorado Ave. revision to the ceiling framing plan

954 Addison Ave. re-roof

954 Addison Ave. re-roof

524 Ramona St. break room and restroom remodel

920 Hamilton Ave. new pool, spa and pool heater

4005 Miranda Ave. replace two rooftop HVAC equipment, unit dimensions have changed from existing unit

4009 Miranda Ave. replace two rooftop HVAC equipment, unit dimensions have changed from existing unit

445 Sherman Ave. Suite R/S: use and occupancy only for tenant space on the second floor, remodel done under 15000-0271

1405 Dana Ave. deferred submittal for gas single-line diagram

1146 Hamilton Ave. nine window replacements

715 Torreya Court addition to existing laundry room

551 Addison Ave. separate flows from the two light wells to two boxes at either side of building, added a new sump pump

2030 Emerson St. roof repair

1420 Emerson St. re-roof

2491 Aztec Way roof-mounted PV system

4108 Thain Way replace two doors and eight windows in condo

850 Matadero Ave. replace sewer lines in the crawl space under the house

2082 Sandalwood Court re-roof

339 Kellogg Ave. remodel, includes laundry relocation associated framing, mechanical, electrical and plumbing

339 Kellogg Ave. finish interior detached garage

518 Everett Ave., Unit E Unit E: repair to existing deck, remove plywood decking and replace with new 3/4-inch plywood, install new water proof coating

619 Alger Drive remove/replace water heater

432 College Ave., Apt F Unit F: bathroom remodel, includes window replacement

3505 Ramona St. furnace replacement

201 High St. re-roof

180 El Camino Real, Suite 359 revised plans to include clarification and minor revised layout

4107 Solana Drive replace gas water heater

800 Sycamore Drive residential new outdoor kitchen, barbecue and fire pit in rear yard

918 Forest Ave. red-tagged gas leak repair

2390 El Camino Real Suite 100: use and occupancy only for PayRange Inc. to occupy Suite 100

941 Loma Verde Ave. replace air-conditioning unit and associated new electrical run, replace attic furnace, run new coils to furnace from AC

51 Tulip Lane residential copper re-pipe of house, replace sewer line under the house, replace tank water heater

1344 Martin Ave. re-roof

419 Palm St. residential 50-amp EVSE located outside the garage

2527 Greer Road residential service upgrade to 200 amps in the same location

612 Maybell Ave. kitchen and bathroom remodel, includes copper re-pipe, service upgrade to 200 amps

715 Ashby Drive add exterior an air-conditioning unit to the scope of work

319 Iris Way residential service upgrade to 200 amps

259 Whitclem Court install circuit for lighting in new shed

2041 Alma St. replace wall heater

305 N California Ave. replace nine windows

967 Oregon Ave. re-roof

2786 Middlefield Road connect power from 2786 Middlefield Road to correct existing meter, currently power for one subpanel at this suite is connected to the wrong meter

461 Page Mill Road commercial re-roof

627 Webster St. residential water line replacement, replace with 1-inch copper pipe and replace existing hose bib connected to water line

2660 Marshall Drive red-tagged gas leak repair

996 Ilima Way residential kitchen remodel, includes new gas burner for fireplace

3638 Bryant St. residential sewer line replacement, no work in the public row

875 Mockingbird Lane change location of garage footings because of conflict with utility locations

545 Kingsley Ave. garage re-rood, install two pieces of gutter and one downspout

2966 Louis Road residential sewer line replacement, pipe burst, no work in the public row

2490 Cowper St. residential sewer line replacement, trench, no work in the public row

3445 Louis Road install new tankless water heater

3832 Grove Ave. roof-mounted PV system

261 Edlee Ave. re-roof

261 Edlee Ave. re-roof for detached garage

3939 Louis Road electric service upgrade to 200 amps

170 Walter Hays Drive residential flush-mounted PV system

3141 Cowper St. residential flush-mounted PV system

275 Ventura Ave. Building 3: multifamily re-roof

805 Los Trancos Road temporary power

3500 Deer Creek Road revised structural for hanging wall system

3797 Ross Road roof cleaning and coating

4354 Miller Ave. re-roof

431 Waverley St. American Express: electrical permit for illuminated sign approved under 15PLN-00135

2491 Aztec Way re-roof

180 Heather Lane roof-mounted PV system

3503 Laguna Ave. kitchen remodel and furr out wall at existing wood burning fireplace

222 Oxford Ave. temporary power

185 University Ave. existing restaurant Sam's Chowder: tenant improvement includes window replacement to folding type

479 Dymond Court re-roof

3173 South Court replace the furnace in the attic and add an air-conditioning unit

1501 Page Mill Road Hewlett Packard Co.: installation and removal of a tent on private property for an event, tent to be removed within one month from date of permit issuance

927 Moreno Ave. bath remodel

401 Lytton Ave. commercial re-roof

385 Sherman Ave. deferred buckling restraint bracing

80 Roosevelt Circle demolish wall heater and install new air conditioner and furnace in closet, associated electrical, mechanical and plumbing

143 Park Ave. re-roof

143 Park Ave. garage re-roof

87 Crescent Drive residential remodel: remove interior walls and pantry to enlarge the kitchen, includes enlarging kitchen window

3105 David Ave. residential install Level 2 Tesla charger on exterior wall of garage

2091 Barbara Drive residential install Level 2 Tesla charger on outside wall

291 Parkside Drive residential install Level 2 Bosch charger on outside wall

449 College Ave. install f-inch, two-way clean out for sewer line

4269 El Camino Real commercial re-roof

1036 Metro Circle replace four windows in existing structural framing

2129 Emerson St. replacing four windows

4182 Willmar Drive re-roof

3377 Waverley St. replacing 11 windows

984 Harriet St. residential roof-mounted PV system

2743 Waverley St. re-roof

885 Oregon Ave. re-roof

2945 Alexis Drive re-roof

690 Lincoln Ave. re-roof

930 Guinda St. install air-conditioning unit and coil to furnace duct

690 Lincoln Ave. detached garage re-roof

213 Quarry Road 13000-03403 : revised plans to transfer bus stop from scope

859 Oregon Ave. add mudroom to garage and new tankless water heater mounted on side yard

876 Warren Way change wood beam to steel beam

1480 Edgewood Drive house, garage and cottage re-roofs

3912 Grove Ave. re-roof

3400 Hillview Ave., B5 Nest Building 5: install antenna chamber and build impact test room

195 Page Mill Road tenant improvement and use and occupancy for new tenant eShares (Suites 101 and 103), includes constructing open office area, meeting rooms, three break rooms

930 Palo Alto Ave. garage re-roof

1301 Harker Ave. water heater replacement

518 Fulton St. red-tagged gas leak repair

4111 Amaranta Ave. replaced gas water heater

221 Bryant St. residential EVSE and service upgrade to 200 amps

285 Bryant St. replace 100 amps subpanel in basement

526 Seneca St. remove and replace dry rot balcony floor sheathing and install safety rails to provide required support

788 Holly Oak Drive install a two-headed ductless split system

3117 Alexis Drive replace air-conditioning unit and furnace below overhang of house

858 Forest Ave. add additional footings below the family room exterior walls, header between kitchen and family room was changed to a steel beam

4155 Old Adobe Road deferred retaining wall

1447 Byron St. deferred submittal for floor trusses

1651 Page Mill Road seismic bracing for mechanical and plumbing on the first and second floor

1651 Page Mill Road seismic bracing for cable trays on all three floors

831 Chimalus Drive design revisions including minor window and door changes with associated minor changes to shear walls and minor changes to the kitchen

855 El Camino Real, Suite 105 tenant improvement and use and occupancy for new tenant "The Performist LLC," includes constructing two changing rooms, new office and a new storage room

786 Melville Ave. replace water heater

3089 Cowper St. residential spot repair on 4-inch sewer pipe, no work in the public row

318 Middlefield Road replace water heater

993 Embarcadero Road residential roof-mounted PV system

634 Wellsbury Way whole house water re-pipe

708 Greer Road residential horizontal foundation crack repair

3466 Thomas Drive re-roof

1021 Channing Ave. residential new fire pit and dedicated gas line

3890 Corina Way furnace replacement

833 La Para Ave. new carport

833 La Para Ave. demolish carport

3776 Nathan Way new covered rear patio

3555 Murdoch Drive red-tagged gas leak repair

488 Ferne Ave. whole house copper re-pipe

570 Ashton Ave. revised structural to remove underpinning

1331 Martin Ave. trench sewer line replacement, replace damaged water main line

1646 Madrono Ave. remove/replace water heater

3850 Fabian Way Loral Space & Communications Inc.: remodel for existing tenant, includes removing offices and building out new offices in the same

1266 Hamilton Ave. replace 200-amp panel

445 Sherman Ave. replace 36 front windows on two floors, replacement does not require Architectural Review Board

135 Hamilton Ave. interior revisions to the shell, includes showing the antenna closet, added details for bathroom ceiling soffit

4180 Donald Drive deferred location of tankless and associated gas line, removed gas fireplace from scope

455 Margarita Ave. revise half bath to full bath, updated energy report

2828 South Court re-roof

892 Barron Ave. replace gas line throughout residence

2090 Yale St. multifamily re-roof

445 Sherman Ave. landlord improvement: Suite R/S on the second floor, future tenant to apply for a separate use and occupancy

939 University Ave. temporary power pole

3500 Deer Creek Road Tesla Motors Co. equipment install

4001 Miranda Ave. revision to interior wall layout, revised mechanical, electrical and plumbing

4001 Miranda Ave. structural attachment detail for bookshelf, revisions to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing

240 Hamilton Ave. deferred submittal for stone and anchorage calculations

700 Welch Road add two sewer laterals in preparation for separate permit for tenant improvement

729 De Soto Drive revision to expand the scope of work to add addition 50 square feet, all fees paid under the original permit

2209 El Camino Real deferred submittal for switchboard

1730 Embarcadero Road deferred submittal for lighting and revised title 24

1698 Hamilton Ave. revision to add a metal louvered system on top of the previously approved trellis

1645 Escobita Ave. revision, includes remodel of two restrooms and vault ceiling at one of the restrooms, revised valuation added 20,000

259 Coleridge Ave. change to modules, change to the microinverters, change to the electrical point of connection

213 Quarry Road significant revisions to pharmacy room, cafe in front of room 1511, medical gas storage of room 1514, arrival stations in all lobbies

684 Wellsbury Way revised basement walls to shotcrete method

2301 Bowdoin St. install 18 retrofit windows

3049 Stelling Drive replace main panel

771 Encina Grande Drive re-roof

455 Charleston Road temporary power pole

3121 Bandera Drive new accessory structure

926 Amarillo Ave. re-roof

436 Lincoln Ave. install Level 2 EVSE on side of house along driveway

1335 Alma St. red-tagged gas leak repair

958 Ilima Way furnace replacement

4218 Ynigo Way replace furnace and three duct outlets, add an air-conditioning unit

4197 Cherry Oaks Place replace attic furnace and six duct outlets

3151 Ramona St. new tankless water heater

390 Palo Alto Ave. install rooftop PV system

622 Maybell Ave. residential new HVAC split system and service upgrade to 200 amps


Palo Alto building permit information is sourced from the City of Palo Alto Planning & Community Environment Department.

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