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By Cheryl Bac

Change of Summer Plans

Uploaded: Apr 26, 2021

Growing up, I enjoyed spending my summers at camp. Spending 7 weeks canoeing, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and living in a cabin with a dozen other girls my age was a wonderful way to try new things, push myself, and grow up.

Over the years our kids have heard many of my camp memories. When I fell off a horse, when I saw a mama bear and her cubs during my morning run, and when I was caught in a thunderstorm during a canoe trip. They’ve also learned many camp songs and heard about many of my summer camp’s traditions. From celebrating Christmas in July, to earning ice cream sundaes for clean cabins, to earning activity honors every Monday evening. So many of my childhood memories are from camp.

Until last week, our kids’ upcoming summer did not include any summer camps. I was planning on a low-key summer filled with Lego, crafts, day trips to beaches and zoos, and park play dates with friends. But, after seeing recent covid trends and after getting my first dose of the vaccine, I finally felt ready to sign our kids up for camp. Not surprisingly our kids couldn’t be happier with our new summer plans.

It’s challenging to make specific plans this summer when kids are still unvaccinated. And it is hard to remind our kids that our summer plans might need to change yet again. However, after countless bedtime stories filled with my camp memories, I am excited to flip things around. I can’t wait to listen to our kids’ camp adventures this summer.


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