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By Max Greenberg

Now that Schools are Closing PLEASE Close the YMCA

Uploaded: Mar 14, 2020

Very happy to hear yesterday that all Santa Clara district schools will be closing. This is a very prudent step and I'm sure we all support that decision.
But yesterday the YMCA sent out an email to members stating they intend to keep facilities open because "We have a large member base across Silicon Valley that depends on our Y as an important part of their healthy living routine." To me this is exactly the reason it should be closed immediately. The risk is that there is a chance that there are members in that large member base across the valley who may have been exposed to the virus, come in contact to someone who has it, and possibly have already infected or could infect other members at the Y. The email also asked "Hi risk individuals" to stay away. Asking folks, for many of whom English is not their first language, to self-police and realize they themselves are high risk individuals is asking a lot. Is that to be interpreted as High Risk to get the virus, or high risk to spread it?
Please YMCA, reconsider and get ahead of this. Even a day delay can be consequential. I'm not a doctor but would strongly recommend seniors and those with compromised immune systems to avail themselves of the online exercise classes you can link to from the YMCA email and stay away from the Y until things calm down. If you agree the Y should shut down for now please comment to show your support. Or if you have an argument to make to keep it open please let's hear your viewpoint.