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By Steve Levy

Economic Responses to the Coronavirus

Uploaded: Mar 12, 2020

There are four immediate and several medium term responses that would help mitigate the pain and support the economy to the extend possible.

The immediate measures are:

--temporary and substantial augmentation of unemployment insurance benefits

--Paid sick leave covering most or all of lost wages

--a temporary reduction or suspension of tariffs for countries who reciprocate

--increased spending to increase the ability of the health care system to respond

The first two policies target those directly affected , allow sick residents to stay home without economic penalty and support spending power

The tariff policy would reverse the terrible course we have been on and benefit most of us as well as countries around the world.

The fourth policy addresses the need to increase our health care infrastructure (more temporary hospital; and testing facilities, etc/

Over the medium and long-term the nation needs (before the virus but even more now) a,major investment program to address climate, transportation and housing challenges.