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By Cheryl Bac

Grocery shopping over the weekend

Uploaded: Mar 1, 2020

On Friday afternoon I chatted with our older kids about the Coronavirus.  Our oldest had already heard about the virus from school, so I’m glad we discussed it as a family.  Using this article as a guide, we talked briefly about the new virus and about the importance of washing hands.  We also talked about how there are a lot of helpers figuring out the best way to keep everyone as safe as possible.  And in order to stay healthy, we may need to change our routines.  

It’s easy to forget that kids are soaking everything in from their environments.  Commercials telling them what will be on the news that night, phone conversations I’m having with relatives, and discussions on the radio.  

This weekend my youngest and I went to the grocery store.  I’m glad our older kids didn’t join. Seeing the shelves emptier than usual was unsettling enough for me.  I didn’t want our kids to be similarly caught off guard.  Thankfully our youngest was happy that the grocery store still had all of her favorite foods in stock, so seeing fewer cases of bottled water and cleaning products didn’t phase her.  

I was grateful to the Girl Scouts for brightening up the mood right outside the store.  Their smiles were exactly what I needed and I couldn’t help but buy a couple of boxes from them.