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By Cheryl Bac

Letting Christmas Linger

Uploaded: Jan 17, 2020

Our youngest was a bit confused when Christmas abruptly ended. Where did all the holiday lights go? Why weren’t we doing our advent calendar anymore? Why were we taking down our tree and decorations?

Thankfully some houses kept their Christmas lights up for a bit after winter break. And thankfully we still had a couple of Christmas books from the library.

While we usually end our Christmas celebrations on December 25th, I realized that there was no reason to stop celebrating so quickly. I wanted our kids to remember all of these small Christmas traditions not just the quick energetic opening of gifts on Christmas morning. Why not let these simple traditions linger just a bit longer?

So in January we sang the occasional Christmas song at bedtime, read a small pile of Christmas stories and admired the handful of houses that still had Christmas lights up. And, as expected, we’ve moved on, left Christmas behind, and gotten back into our regular rhythm again.

While I’m not sure how often I will sing Christmas songs in January, I realized that our daughter will probably remember singing these songs much more than she’ll remember which gifts she opened on Christmas morning. And, because of that, I was happy to let Christmas linger for a bit longer this year.