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By Cheryl Bac

The holiday season

Uploaded: Oct 16, 2019

Halloween is already in full swing for us. We are decorating pumpkins and finalizing costumes. Somehow celebrating Halloween always reminds our kids that Christmas is only a couple months away. How are they already thinking about Christmas? I want to help our kids enjoy each holiday for what it is. Halloween is not just a holiday leading up to Thanksgiving which is leading up to Christmas. Can’t we just enjoy each holiday as it comes before jumping ahead to the next? Well, maybe not.

I can’t ask our kids to not think about Christmas already. I definitely have Christmas on my mind. We are figuring out our holiday plans and I’m sure they overhear those conversations. I also asked them to all wear red for photos so I could order Christmas cards early. And soon enough I will ask them to start making Christmas gifts for relatives.

Does it really matter if the holidays overlap a bit? Does it make them less special? I don’t think so.

It can help keep the holiday spirit buzzing from Halloween all the way until Easter. And so far all of the holiday excitement has given our kids something to talk and reminisce about together. At a time in their lives when their interests are clearly diverging, talking about the holidays is helping them laugh, play and enjoy each other’s company more. Although most would say that the holiday season hasn’t even really started yet, the holiday spirit has already truly helped bring our kids back together and I want that magic to continue as long as possible.