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By Cheryl Bac

Lego and Sibling Squabbles

Uploaded: Mar 31, 2019

Our family finally got around to watching The Lego Movie 2. I was not expecting to enjoy the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. They touched on a topic that hit close to home for us - siblings rivalry.

We have two kids who are into Lego right now. And it’s not easy figuring out the best way to organize our Lego collection. We want to keep the peace while also letting both kids be as creative as possible. Should we separate their Lego collections or just dump everything together into one big bin?

My original plan was to keep their creations on display for as long as they desire. And after that, dump all of the pieces together into one big bin.

And, for the most part, one big bin of Lego works for us. Our collection of Lego pieces has gotten large enough that there are enough pieces for everyone. But it’s definitely still a work in progress.

For instance, we are starting to sort some of the pieces. All of the axels and wheels, the technic pieces, the windshields, the minifigures, etc. It's a lot easier to build a vehicle when you can easily find matching pairs of wheels.

While I love when our kids build Lego together, I know that, at least some of the time, they need their own building spaces. So, at the moment, our two older kids each have their own Lego table to create whatever they want.

Once our youngest joins the mix we’ll probably need to tweak our current system. But right now as long as both kids are happy, busy, and creating, we’ll just let them let their imaginations run wild- sometimes together and sometimes on their own.