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By Steve Levy

Palo Alto Measures E, F and Z

Uploaded: Oct 12, 2018

I will vote yes on Z the school bond proposal and yes (reluctantly) on E the hotel tax increase for infrastructure/ I will vote no on Measure F asking Palo Alto to regulate health care prices for Stanford and other local providers.

The votes on E and Z support the invest and innovate theme of this blog.

The school bond continues the District's improvement of facilities including measures to incorporate new technologies. Though Nancy and I have no children in school, we want ti support the next generation as previous generations supported facilities that our children used.

I was on the infrastructure commission and support the projects that will benefit from the increased hotel taxes. My reluctance is that I would prefer a more general contribution from residents and business property owners for funding these projects. The relationship between these projects and hotel visitors seems shaky compared to the benefits these projects will supply to local residents and businesses. We support bonds to pay for school improvements. I would have preferred we pay for this ourselves..

The hotel tax polled well compared to other taxes but I do not like the "let the other folks pay for it" argument.

I will vote no on Measure F. I do not think it is the business of cities to regulate health care prices nor do we have the expertise or funds to implement and defend such decisions in court.