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By Laura Stec

Refill Don’t Landfill

Uploaded: May 31, 2018

Boy o boy, Palo Alto is having fun, AND getting it done these days. Toot toot to yout. Last week it was the Last Straw campaign, and their Food Party! continues with a look-see into single-use gas cylinders. You know, those green canisters you bring camping. You can refill them. Right, like who knew?

We’ve Food Partied! about camping in the past. First there was Camp Glamp with Elaine's Crunchy Pancakes, and then we learned how to make Bacon S’mores in Bacon in Bed.

Little did I know in those innocent days that 40 million single-use, 1-pound propane cans are thrown way each year in North America, with over 20,000 clogging up Yosemite alone. Bad design in single-use products means litter, accidents, and even fire.

So drum roll please….

There is a solution and the 2018 winner award goes to….

Reusable Cylinders!

Refillable propane cylinders, now available at local stores and hardware centers, can be used hundreds of times, and have a lifespan of up to 12 years. Plus it’s cheaper to buy and refill a one-pound cylinder than it is to use disposables (80% of the price is packaging and only 20% is for the gas).

Lucky-dog Palo Alto’ans, can bring an empty, disposable, 1-pound propane cylinder, and the voucher from your April bill, to the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Station till the end of June, and get a FREE refillable 1-pound cylinder. But you have to do it by June 30th.

If you aren’t a Palo Alto resident, stop by the stores listed below to buy or refill your reusable cylinders, or find a retailer near you by clicking here.

Time to ready. Summer is coming (I think), and the best Food Party! is one cooked outside.

Where You Can Buy or Refill Reusable Cylinders

George's Fuel & Auto Repair
996 East Evelyn Ave., Sunnyvale
Refills cylinders

Hassett Hardware
875 Alma Street, Palo Alto
Sells and exchanges cylinders

For more information about this program, click here.

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