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By Laura Stec

Munchie Movement

Uploaded: Apr 23, 2018

Just a quick follow up on the 420 Hippie Hill celebration last week.

I came ready to report on all the food infusions assumed to grace this hallowed annual event. It was really well organized and attended (+ 20,000 happy people), with a strong aroma in the air, but alas, not from freshly baked brownies.

I got it very wrong. There was none, zero, zilch infused munchies sold from the faire booths. No food at all actually, except some token M & M’s and chips; a big oversight for this size crowd of munchers. Even though the public market sells all kinds of edibles, the organizers told me they “couldn’t bring food this year, maybe next.” I think the county health department just said no, a good decision for a first year event like this.

No matter, armed with a Food Party! badge, people kept approaching to show off their baking skills. “The Food Party! – that’s the party I want to be at,” was a common opening line,

followed by baskets of homemade

Cake pops & Smores

Chocolate chip cookies, rice crispy treats and others on full display.

I didn’t come away with much food insight, but I did start asking party-goers if they thought legalized marijuana might be a way to help solve the cultural divide. This was the most diverse crowd I have ever been in, and I go to a lot of public gatherings. People of all races just coming together to meet each other and have some fun. It was actually inspiring and nice to see. Gave me hope. I can see it now – The Munchie Movement – understanding different cultures though interaction and food.

Peace, love and munchies for all!

Next week is Farm Bill Café. We are reading chapters 1-3 of Food Fight by Dan Imhoff and talking about it here in the blog.