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By Cheryl Bac

How to entertain a baby

Uploaded: Jun 30, 2017

Recently a few new parents have asked me for recommendations on how to entertain their little ones. Some already go to gym classes, storytimes, yoga classes, and swimming lessons. They don't want their babies to be bored.

A few weeks ago I took our kids to Mitchell Park. My older kids were running around and playing in the water spray area while baby and I watched. During our outing I had a flashback to when my oldest was a baby and I was trying to meet other parents that lived close by. Many of the parents in one group had older toddlers so we sometimes met up at a water spray park or playground. As a baby, our son enjoyed these outings where he could just sit and watch the older kids run around and play.

I think the next time someone asks me for baby entertainment ideas, I'll suggest a toddler or two. As a new parent it's easy to get stuck in baby-only classes and activities. Older kids can be loud, chaotic, energetic, clumsy and spread germs. However, sometimes at these mixed-aged play dates, everything works out. The babies are entertained by the older kids, the older kids love having the babies' attention and the parents get a chance to relax, talk and enjoy each other's company.