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By Cheryl Bac

Just 5 minutes

Uploaded: Sep 30, 2016

Earlier this week I saw Quaker's "It only takes 5 minutes" ad. As we get back into the regular school-year routines, it's nice to be reminded to take the time, even just 5 minutes at a time, to connect with our little ones.

However, if I really only had 5 minutes to hang out with our kids, I personally would not choose most of the activities suggested in this ad. Dancing, doing an art project or showing our kids photos from an album can keep their interest for a much longer period of time. 5 minutes would just be the beginning. And I would expect two unhappy kids when I told them that our 5 minutes of time together was over.

When I really only have 5 minutes to connect with our kids, I find it much more enjoyable, for all of us, to do activities more like the ones shown in a First Five California Commercial or the adorable book, Kisses for Daddy. Talking with them and telling stories while I unpack groceries, drive them to a play date, fold the laundry, or get ready for bed.

While it's not the same as giving our kids my undivided attention, these conversations give us the opportunity to spend more time together on busy days and seem to work better for our family when I really only have five minutes.