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By Cheryl Bac

No Plans

Uploaded: Apr 30, 2016

We recently flew to the Midwest to visit grandparents and great grandparents.

Our only plans were to spend time together and go to the bookstore. But we found ourselves with an abundance of things to do.

My mom not only kept many toys from my own childhood, but also swaps toys with another grandma and good friend in the neighborhood. Whenever grandkids visit, they grab a few extra toys from each other's basements for the little ones to enjoy.

Our kids had so much fun exploring grandma's bins of "kid stuff." Our son found a slinky to go down the stairs, some old Tonka trucks, and a stack of old board games. Our daughter enjoyed filling up a Connect Four board and bouncing balls all over the house.

Having no plans doesn't always work. Sometimes it's overwhelming and other times it is boring. But sometimes it creates lasting memories.