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By Cheryl Bac

Finish what we started?

Uploaded: Mar 31, 2016

Earlier this year we started playing Safeway's monopoly game. I thought it could be a fun activity for our son. It ended up not being as little kid-friendly as I had hoped.

After a big grocery shopping trip we can easily end up with 20+ game tickets, each with 4 game markers. While our son could separate these pieces on his own, it gets very repetitive and frustrating when they rip.

We've now filled up most of our board so we are currently getting a lot of repeat pieces. It's not very enjoyable to go through a pile of game markers only to end up throwing them all away. Sometimes I can get our son to play a matching game or other quick activity that I come up with on the spot, but it rarely seems worth the time and effort.

At the moment I'm phasing out the monopoly game from our shopping experience (one easy way is to just shop elsewhere).

Is your family playing the monopoly game? If so, are you going to finish what you started?