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By Cheryl Bac

Squeezing in the lazy moments

Uploaded: Mar 19, 2016

When our son was younger, my husband and I alternated sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday. It was a win-win. We both got a break from parenting and a lazy morning at home with our son.

With two kids, it's become a little more complicated. We still try to give each other the morning off from parenting whenever possible. But one-on-one time with either kid takes a little more planning.

During this time, we slow down the pace a bit. Our son usually brings out choking hazards, longer books, or other activities that are difficult to work on with a toddler present.

Our daughter enjoys getting a glimpse at the life of an only child. Whether we go to the grocery store or spend some time playing and reading in her room, at this age she seems to just enjoy our extra attention.

During the weekday these pockets of one-on-one time seem to happen almost organically. One child wakes up earlier, goes to sleep later, naps or just becomes absorbed in an activity on his or her own. But on a busy weekend, these pockets of time are harder to find. We might all wake up early to go to an event, stay up later watching a movie, or our daughter may end up napping on the go.

As our kids grow up and our weekends become more and more filled, I hope we can continue to have these one-on-one times together...even if sometimes these moments have to be squeezed in on a busy weekend.