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By Laura Stec

Woodside Bakery is Closing?

Uploaded: Nov 28, 2015

What a surprise to learn that Woodside Bakery, located at 3052 Woodside Rd, next to Buck’s, will close January 15th, not due to lack business, the place is always packed. But because, well, has anyone even heard the reason why?

Maybe business has gotten too good? We won't know till the Landlord agrees to comment. (I removed the name after a few readers complained below.) The company owns a lot of the commercial district in Woodside, and keeps tenants on a month-to-month lease. Mark Sweyer, owner of Woodside Bakery has been leasing monthly for the last seven years. On November 3rd he was unexpectantly told to close up shop and get rid of all his employees, smack dab in the middle of the holidays.

I recently went into Emily Joubert, the wonderful home and garden store just down from Woodside Bakery, and noticed a cute little coffee station in the works. “Are you starting an espresso business?” I asked. What a great idea - we have so few places to enjoy a coffee or wine in Woodside and Portola Valley. This would be a perfect use of their lovely outside gardens. But the answer was unfortunate - they had opened, but were soon told by their landlord to close down.

Guess who the landlord is?

You know, I understand property and business ownership. But I also understand community.

Which one do we value the most?