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By Cheryl Bac

Just needed a few new ingredients

Uploaded: Nov 15, 2015

After our daughter was born I found myself relying on very simple food to feed our family - a bowl of raspberries, crackers, or yogurt for snack. Meals were very simple too. Cereal for breakfast and quick stir-fries were our go-to dinners.

Our son had our grocery list pretty much memorized as we bought very similar ingredients week after week. Searching for new ingredients just didn't seem feasible with two little ones in tow.

Last week I decided that we were in need of a change. I bought a new cookbook and wrote down ingredients for a couple of the recipes. We went to the grocery store and, to my surprise, our son enjoyed searching for new food (like lemongrass). Especially when we needed something that our grocery store didn't carry (like pork belly).

I started preparing the food during our daughter's nap. And, to my surprise, our son offered to help me. It was fun making the meal together- measuring ingredients, stirring them together, and squishing the meat with the marinade.

Cooking just became a much more enjoyable part of my day. I'm hoping our son doesn't lose interest too quickly.