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By Cheryl Bac

Toys can take forever to assemble

Uploaded: Oct 28, 2015

Last night my husband and son spent about two hours assembling a new toy. If either my husband or I had put it together without our son, I'm sure it would have taken a lot less time. But where's the fun in that.

I don't enjoy putting together cribs or other furniture (and neither does my husband) but I did very much enjoy watching our son help build his new toy. Watching my husband and son check the directions, dig through piles for the right pieces and chat about different features was heartwarming...what a team!

Our son's excitement was clearly growing as the toy started resembling the photos he has seen on TV, in catalogs and on the box.

And, while it shouldn't have been a surprise, I loved witnessing the almost a seamless transition from building the toy together to playing with it together.

Some toys are too complicated for a child to help assemble, but when possible, I hope we can repeat this experience with the next sets of toys our son receives.

Do your kids help assemble their toys? Is it an enjoyable or a frustrating experience?