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By Cheryl Bac

Talking as if he isn't listening in

Uploaded: Mar 7, 2015

When you are a new parent it is easy to get into the habit of talking about your little one as if he is not there. You openly and honestly discuss your parenting worries, struggles and disappointments with other new parents hoping to form friendships and get support.

However, as your newborn grows up into a toddler, it can be difficult to switch from talking about him all the time to realizing that he can overhear some of these conversations.

Now that I am parenting a baby and a toddler, many people ask me how the transition is going and whether they get along. From the close friend to the stranger at the grocery store, some weeks I am asked this type of question daily if not more so.

I feel very lucky that (at least so far) my kids do get along and my response can be a quick "yes, very well" or a more detailed response with sweet examples about him helping out his little sister - bringing her a pacifier when she is crying, turning on music to soothe her, etc.

When lost in the newborn daze, it would have been so easy to forget that I'm not only replying to this question multiple times a week but my son is hearing it multiple times a week as well.

I don't know exactly how I would have responded if the transition wasn't going smoothly. Would I really want my son to constantly overhear that the transition has been rough?

When I see a mom with a baby and a toddler I also ask how the transition is going. However, I'm starting to wonder if I should ask a question that is easier for her to answer when her toddler is within earshot.