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By Cheryl Bac

Why would you need an umbrella?

Uploaded: Feb 7, 2015

Last year my son and I listened to "My Brown Bear Barney" being read to us during Woodside Library's very popular musical storytime. It is an adorable book about a little girl who brings her teddy bear with her everywhere she goes. Throughout the story she talks about all of the things she takes with her when she goes shopping, goes to school, gardens, etc.

The adults in the room all had a chuckle when one of the kids asked why she would bring an umbrella when she went out shopping with her mom. Clearly bringing an umbrella along "just in case it rained" was a foreign concept. Maybe if they read the story again now, this concept would have made sense.

As a kid I remember spending a lot of time outside in the rain. It was fun to run around, jump in puddles, and even go swimming. As a camper, we ventured out on overnight canoe trips rain or shine. And, similarly, while marathon training, I would usually run regardless of rain, sun or snow. We rarely let the weather stop us from going outside.

Right now our family is spending most of these rainy days indoors because our daughter is still too young to enjoy playing in the rain. However, we are making sure that our son gets time to jump, splash and run through puddles in between showers. I'm looking forward to more outdoor rainy day fun in the years to come.

What are your favorite rainy day activities? Do you venture outside or stay warm and dry indoors.