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By Cheryl Bac

Yes, we leave the house

Uploaded: Jan 17, 2015

Some new parents choose to stay home with their newborns for days/weeks/months. I prefer to get out, even if it is only to run a quick errand.

As a new mother it is very important to rest, but it is also important to take care of yourself. For some that may mean staying at home. For me, it means getting some fresh air, interacting with others and changing my scenery.

When you leave the house with two kids under three, others sometimes stop to say hello and smile. Many hold the door open for you and comment about your hands being full. I assume that some are remembering back to when they were juggling two kids themselves. And I am very thankful.

However, I've also been stopped and questioned about why I am taking my newborn out of the house. These types of criticizing questions were harder to address as a first time mom. Now that I am a second time mom, I know the easiest answer is to just say that my pediatrician says it is OK. There is no need for any additional explanation.

Yes, it can be a challenge to take a newborn out of the house, especially with a toddler. But it is also OK.

It's hard enough for parents with a newborn to get out of the house some days. Is it really necessary to try to make them feel guilty when doing so?

What comments were easier for you to address as a second time parent?