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By Cathy Kirkman

Try the Moonlight Dog Walk

Uploaded: Sep 3, 2014

This Friday night 9/5 is the Moonlight 10k/5k run and 5k walk over at the Baylands. This blog post is for people like me who never really thought about going, and who didn't know that it's a great opportunity to walk with your dog and be part of this fun event.

I never really paid any attention to this event because I don't race, at least not until last year when a friend suggested that we just go anyway. So I found out how much fun I had been missing out on by not going all these years. My friend doesn't race either, but she had gone before and had had a wonderful time. So I brought dogs to walk, and we had a blast.

The logistics of traffic and parking were very well managed. We didn't get there early but still we found it easy to park and walk over to the event area. There were so many people we knew that it seemed like a neighborhood block party, on a grand scale. There was great music, even warm-up exercises set to the music.

We did the walking course with the dogs out along the levee and then back down the road, and it was really beautiful in the moonlight. There were a lot of other people walking, many with dogs, so it felt like an ad hoc pack walk, which can be an invigorating psychic experience for your dog. Once we got back to the baseball field, there were numerous sponsor and vendor booths to visit, along with free food and drink with tables and chairs so we could sit down and relax.

If you would like to participate, you can sign up online, or you can just go over there on the spur of the moment and register at the site. The 5k walk starts at 7pm, and the event opens at 6pm; be sure to allow time to park and walk over.

Please note that dogs are only allowed for the walk, not the run:

"Dogs are permitted on the 5K walk but not on either run, where the terrain and darkness makes it too dangerous to have them. No retractable leashes. Bring your own clean-up bag."

I would like to say I will hope to see you there, but this Friday is my son's 21st birthday so we have other plans. But I hope to be there next year. It's all for a great cause, the Weekly's Holiday Fund, which benefits local non-profits. It should be a lovely evening!