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By Cheryl Bac

Nesting with a Toddler

Uploaded: Aug 9, 2014

Right now my energy level is higher than I expected it to be. Some people would call this "nesting." While I do have the desire to clean, organize, and otherwise prepare for baby's arrival, I am spending most of my extra energy playing with my son.

I've started to count down the weeks until he is no longer an only child. Every outing is becoming a little bit more meaningful - this may be our last trip to the museum/water spray park/zoo with just the two of us.

Since I expect that this energy spurt will be short-lived, I am also directing some of this extra energy toward putting new life into my son's "forgotten" toys (why not make our home as interesting for a toddler as possible before baby arrives).

I've loved seeing my son's creativity in action. We've transformed stacking blocks in parking garages. Foam mats into tunnels. And cones into animal cages.

How did you use your "nesting energy" the 2nd+ time around? Have you ever successfully revamped any old forgotten toys?