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By Max Greenberg

How to Encourage Healthy Food Choices & Reduce Health Care Costs

Uploaded: Jun 25, 2014

You know how folks who receive food stamps cannot buy certain supermarket items such as cigarettes, alcohol, candy (I think that's on the list) with them? Here's a modest proposal for encouraging folks to eat healthy foods which will lead to better health and reduce the need to access the health care system: Give EVERYONE a "Healthy Food Stamp Card" which allows us to purchase only "real" foods. It comes with a list of foods which are not permitted: processed foods; foods containing hi-fructose corn syrup; foods containing sugar or artificial sweeteners; foods with artificial coloring and GMOs; vast majority of foods sold at Safeway. Encouraging fesh fruits and veggies, and organic foods. The cost would come out of the massive savings the health insurance industry will reap by not having to treat and spend money and resources caring for previously ill people who for the most part were consuming so-called foods that harm them. In addition to paying for the Healthy Food Stamp Card, insurance premiums for the card users would go down as well, paid for out of those savings. It's a win-win for everyone, except for those purveyours of fake food (ie. supermarket chains), at least until they get with the program and phase out their fake food selection and replace it with the healthy food choices. Good nutrition = better health, less need for medical services. Typical American diet = non-optimal health, more sickness and disease. I'm sure vegetarians would want to exclude meat, fowl and fish from the list of Healthy Food Stamp Card items. Perhaps that could happen in phase 2.