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By Laura Stec

Deforestation Hardware

Uploaded: Jun 25, 2014

OK, time for some new tableware. The dinner plates all have chips and surprisingly for me, I have never owned a complete set of cutlery. Maybe I'll go down to Restoration Hardware and see what they got. Oh wait, I don't have to go anywhere ? they just sent the entire store to me ? all 2000 pages worth. I thought someone left a step stool on my front porch. What is that thing?

Did you get it? Seems like everyone in Portola Valley and Woodside did. We also heard Alameda, Palo Alto and Marin.

Interesting marketing decision. Blanket the eco SF Bay with a 17-pound paper brick, (oh, but their shipping is carbon neutral) because if they send a bigger catalog, they make more money. That's the bottom line.

Thank goodness Woodside resident and environmental champion Nancy Reyering led our entire neighborhood in a catalog cleanup, collecting over 120 massive missives (over 2000#). A group of us hauled them back to the Palo Alto store in protest.

When we walked in the manager wasn't even phased and quickly asked us to "deliver the rest to the back door." That was our one mistake. We should have dumped them on busy University Ave. Channel 7 was there after all ? it would have made a good shot.

So I guess this the new normal now? In order to keep up with the corporate Joneses every company will now deliver our own personal 17-pounds-of-nothing annually to our doorstep? As another neighbor, high school student Erin Broderick eloquently stated, "It's crazy. Grocery stores aren't even allowed to give us a paper bag!"

Seriously, the excuse is bigger catalogs make more money, but to what end? The sake of the environment and y'know, the future? Can someone please tell me what is the price of polluting? We'll just add that to the bottom line. In fact CEO Gary Friedman, I'll leave the bill (and the catalogs) on the doorstep of your eco-groovy Marin home.

I am done with all the green washing. It's not ok to claim forest-or-farm-to-factory-or-fork just for another buck.

Capitalist or greedy? American values, or just plain selfish? Am I missing something?

Ask questions. Take action. Get off the RH mailing list. Vote with your dollars.

Thanks to Mike of Atherton for the title of this blog.