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By Cheryl Bac

Any Regrets?

Uploaded: Jun 7, 2014

When you decide to be a working or a stay-at-home parent, it's impossible to know exactly how that decision will affect you in one, ten, or twenty plus years down the road. How will it affect your financial future? Will your marriage be stronger or weaker than it is now? Will your future career be as enjoyable as the one you decided to keep, put on hold, or give up?

It's impossible to know the answers to these questions ahead of time. One of the most difficult parts of staying-at-home is hearing about how it did not work out for some and the regret they experience as a result. Staying-at-home hurt their career opportunities or their marriage more than they expected. Or something unanticipated happened (e.g., a medical condition, an accident, an affair).

Recently, I've enjoyed reading the comments on Motherlode about whether readers regretted their decision to stay-at-home or not. None of the arguments are new to me, but I'm curious to find out which poster I'll sound most like when my son is off to college.

For those readers with older children, do you regret your choice to stay-at-home or work?