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By Cheryl Bac

When should a blogger announce that she is pregnant...

Uploaded: May 24, 2014

Our family is very excited to share that we are expecting our second child this fall. So far, the biggest difference between my pregnancies is figuring out childcare for our son when his sibling decides to arrive. Our son was born on his due date...but I can't imagine being so lucky twice in a row.

Finding backup childcare can be a challenge even when the day and time are known in advance... doctor appointments, interviews, jury duty, date nights, etc.

But dealing with pregnancy is quite different....you just don't know how long labor will last, what day/time it will start, and when baby will actually arrive.

I'm lucky to be surrounded by many pregnant friends at the moment (at last count 17 moms in our playgroup are pregnant or recently gave birth to baby #2). Most of these women are blessed with parents who live close by or can fly in for weeks/months on end. We are in a different boat. Although we are extremely lucky to have a wonderful cousin in the area, she may be out out of town, have kids who are sick, etc.

After many emails back and forth, we think we have finally come up with a solution that we are comfortable with. As a stay-at-home mom, I never would have imagined spending this much time and energy during my pregnancy searching for childcare! But it has made me curious how my readers, especially those without parents in California, handled childcare for their second child.

When you needed emergency childcare, what did you do? Did a relative or neighbor agree to watch your child(ren) at a moments notice? Do you use a service?