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By Paul Losch

Chinese Immersion

Uploaded: Apr 12, 2014

My blue eyed, blond haired, fair skinned daughter speaks fluent Mandarin.

She was not part of the Mandarin Immersion project in PAUSD, which was put in place after her time.

My daughter chose, at no urging but plenty of encouragement, from her parents, to take lessons in Mandarin, spent two summers in China when she was a student at Paly, and attended a very fine college that had several programs in China for its students.

She is fluent in Mandarin, is teaching English in China right now, has a job offer to stay there and be a counselor to Chinese high school students who want to attend college in the States. She also has been accepted to a program in China that is run by Johns Hopkins, which is one of the best internationally oriented universities in the world.

I am not boasting about my daughter—waste of time. Rather, I am suggesting that the Spanish and Mandarin immersion programs we have here in Palo Alto schools are a dividend to the children, their families, and the community.

The kids in Spanish and Mandarin immersion education in the Palo Alto Schools are very fortunate, and will contribute more to the world because of their experience.