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By Paul Losch

Spare the Air

Uploaded: Dec 23, 2013

Best for the holiday season.

We have had a record number of spare the air in these parts. Despite blue skies and what I take in as fresh air. So what gives?

I learned a lesson from my young adult daughter, who is working in China.

China has a major air pollution problem. And that smog does not sit still. It crosses the Pacific Ocean and migrates from there to spoil other parts of the world, including the Bay Area.

There is tremendous irony that a Communist country where everyone road bicycles some years ago now has some of the worst auto traffic conditions I have ever experienced.

Then there is the smog. It has attribution more than automobiles: manufacturing and energy production (including coal imported from the US) are causing the problem.

Spare the air here has a tail that starts across an ocean away.