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By Paul Losch

Children Away From Home

Uploaded: Sep 12, 2013

My 23yo daughter just shipped off for a year in China.

She's been there before, actually several times, speaks fluent Mandarin, and it is terrific that she has chosen to go there to teach English for a year. Her older brother spent a year in South Korea doing the same.

They both attended college away from this part of the world.

From a mindset standpoint, I as a parent have not viewed differently Spokane, Washington, Middlebury Vermont, Pusan, South Korea, or various Chinese cities where my now adult children have spent their time. None is easy to get to from here, some effort required. (I actually had an experience traveling from here to Dallas, Texas that took longer than a flight I took to Shanghai!)

That is what intrigues me. My kids come and go around the world, and it is not a big deal. While I have traveled both for business and pleasure in my lifetime, it was for many in my cohort a big deal.

Not so, as I perceive it, in our kids' generation.

And the level of effort to visit my kids when they are some place else in the world is not all that different from visiting at their colleges here in the States, in locations that required at a minimum one flight change, and typically a long drive as well upon landing.

All for the better. I just wish we did not have to take off shoes to satisfy TSA at the airport.