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By Paul Losch

On Line Learning, On Line Thinking

Uploaded: Aug 7, 2013

There is a great deal of fascinating, cutting edge stuff going on with how people learn.

Much of it is developing in Silicon Valley, and that is exciting for our community and offers up many expectations of how instruction, be it at the highest levels of universities to elementary school, will present itself thanks to the internet, inter alia. (pun intended)

I now will present a personal bias. Based on experience I had years ago and my recently graduated from college children: you can't learn to THINK using internet offerings. It requires human interaction face to face with people who understand the human dynamic, not just facts. People who are learning need to interact with experienced people who can lead that to thinking.

I am all for the on line ideas for instruction that are developing. My son is a 5th grade teacher, and the tools that his school acquire will do a tremendous job in making instruction in his class more effective.

But, for On line thinking? He needs to be in that classroom to guide the thinking as well as the learning.