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By Paul Losch

Guarding POTUS

Uploaded: Jun 7, 2013

Obama visits Palo Alto.

First of all, I think that it's great that he comes to see us. As best as I recall, George W. [portion removed did not come here one time. Were we too smart for his Texas intellect?

The POTUS entourage blew though town about his time a year ago to raise money for his re-election campaign. It took place at the home of Melissa Meyers, now Yahoo CEO, at a typical north Palo Alto neighborhood, three blocks from my place.

Barricades everywhere, at least 50 motorcycle cops plus the armored limos driving along Middlefield to the street that shall not be named, but near the HP "Garage" home.

My daughter was on her way last evening walking to the CalTrain, and discovered a similar disruption on another nearby street, which also shall remain nameless. Incredible disruption, even for a mere pedestrian trying to do a normal thing.

I am glad that our President comes here, even if it is to raise money for campaigns. I prefer that to a President who chooses to not show up.

I will accept the inconveniences. They indicate that what we think and do around here is taken seriously in DC.