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By Paul Losch

Dealing With Doctors

Uploaded: Apr 30, 2013

I am divorced from a Stanford trained MD. While I am not in the medical "biz," I got to participate as a spouse for many years socially and otherwise with her many peers.

I have had some unexpected, entirely cured, health issues the last year. Time in hospital, time in clinic. Again, I am fine, and appreicate all the good work and effort from all the medical staff that helped me get better.

So, here's my beef:

I am of the opinion that there is little or no training at Stanford Medical School, and likely most medical schools, in helping patients work with the doctors. Instead, these attending physicians come around with a team of trainees, and expect that the patient (me in this case) will blithely go along.

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I dealt with one team who had an hypothesis based on something that was unconnected to why I was in the hospital. Wanted me to take another medication, mainly in retrospect, for the trainees, not for me. [Portion removed.
I declined. Misdiagnoses

I then was in for something else earlier this year, and the attending doc, a woman, was more focussed on the training the resident than she was about me as the patient. After the session, I fired them both.

We all have health issues that call for help from trained physicians, and I am grateful that we have such terrific care in this part of the world.

I am a pretty smart guy, and we are a community of pretty smart people. My ex is a Stanford Med School grad. For me to be treated as some sort of dummy at Stanford Hospital 2 times by attending physicians and their teams really is insulting.