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By Paul Losch

Street Cleaning Days--No Parking!

Uploaded: Apr 24, 2013

Between storm drain repairs and home renovations in my neighborhood the last several weeks, there have been all sorts of working vehicles parked on my block.

The consequence has been that a huge pile-up of leaves and debris accumulate week by week, as the street cleaning machines have to by-pass the parked vehicles.

I lived for a number of years in San Francisco, in an area of town that allowed non-permitted street parking, except on street cleaning day. For a period of time on such days, no cars could be parked, those that were got fined big time, and the streets were nicely cleaner.

I don't object to the work goiong on in my parts.

What I question is why Palo Alto doesn't follow the same practices as many other municipalities, and on street cleaning days, restrict parking for vehicles for some or all of the day.