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By Paul Losch

What Happens to Former US Presidents?

Uploaded: Apr 9, 2013

While I do not view Jon Stewart's Daily Show or the Colbert Report to be my major news sources, I do admit I enjoy their version of "reportage."

Former President Bill Clinton was on Colbert's show this Monday, and former President Jimmy Carter will be on Stewart's show this Tuesday.

It got me to thinking, without judgment—here are these two former Presidents, both Democrats, who have important organizations that they have led since leaving the White House. By contrast, former Republican Presidents, from Nixon, Ford and Ronald Reagan to W, pretty much have maintained a low profile with the public after leaving office.

It is, of course, a personal decision how a former President chooses to spend his time after leaving office. And public visibility is at best a two edged sword. I am not sure how I would feel after being in that fishbowl at 1600 PA Ave. Want to be in the limelight still? I am not one to chop wood or clear brush, but such a respite after several years in those guys' jobs might just be the ticket.

By the same token, however one views the policies and legacies of former Presidents while they held office, it seems to me that a person who has held such an important responsibility should use their influence after leaving office for other better goods. Things they were constrained from doing while they were Presidents.

I guess you can just make speeches and command 6 figures for a 45 minute talk. Nice work if you can get it.

Seems like a waste of talent and influence.